The Role of Higher Education Quality / Exploratory Research in A Number of Faculties of the University of Mosul

Pages 9-33


The Impact of Monetary Policy Variables on the Gross Domestic Product in Iraq for the P eriod (1990 - 2020)

Pages 34-50


Estimation & Analysis of the Required Rate of Return According to the Capital Asset Pricing Models the Iraq Stock Exchange as a Model

Pages 51-70


The Effect of Some Financial and Economic Variables on the Growth of Capital Accumulation in Jordan for the Period (1990-2020)

Pages 71-86


Evaluation of the performance efficiency of the Baddish Cement Plant/Expansion For duration (2018-2020)

Pages 87-106


The effect of the budget deficit on the money supply in Jordan for the period 1990-2020

Pages 107-120


The Impact of Foreign Portfolio Investment in The Financial Depth Index: An Analytical Study in The Iraqi Stock Market For The Period (2010-2020)

Pages 121-137


Information Asymmetry and Its Impact on The Weighted Average Cost of Capital - Applied to the Iraqi Stock Market for The Period (2010-2020)

Pages 138-158


Analyzing Determinants of Demand for Beatification Services in Women Beauty Salons in Erbil in 2021 (a field study)

Pages 159-183


The Impact of Financial Innovation on Loans and Credit Facilities Banking Analytical Study of A Sample of Arab Banks for the Period (2011-2020)

Pages 184-198


The Main Determinants of Dividend Policy For A Sample of Business Companies Listed in the Iraqi Stock Exchange for the Period (2010-2020)

Pages 199-216


The Reality of Health Care Quality Components: An Exploratory Study in Government Hospitals in the City of Mosul

Pages 217-237


The Effect of Marketing Agility in Reducing Marketing Risk Meditating by Informational Literacy - An Analytical Study of the Opinions of a Sample of Workers in Scientific Bureau and Drug Store Working in The City of Mosul

Pages 238-268


Organizational Clarity and its Impact on the Creative Performance of Human Resources: an Analytical Study in the Private University Education - Al-Hadba College and Al-Maaref College as a Model -

Pages 269-287


Response of Fiscal Policy Variables to Fluctuations in Oil Prices in Iraq for the Period (1990-2019)

Pages 288-312