Manifestations of influence and convergence in the Al-Muzaffar

Pages 1-14
Noor naeem Al Dulaimi; Ail Mohammed Abd


What the Arabs Disagreed with their Measurements in Proportions by Changing one Movement to Differentiate in Significance

Pages 15-29
Sarah Jubair Muhammad


The Effect of the Context Indication on some Verses Designated by their Topics

Pages 30-38
khalil محمد سعید makhlif; Sarab Qadir Al-Ani


The duality of gray hair and youth in the hair of the blind man

Pages 39-50
Marwa Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed Al-Qaisi; Siddik Batal Houran


Man and the Will of Allah

Pages 51-59
Abdul-Razzaq Hussein Saleh


Semantic Employment of Arabic Dialects in the Holy Qur'an

Pages 60-78
Dr. Mahmoud Suleiman Alawi Al-Subaihi Suleiman Al-Subaihi


The Grammatical Efforts of Al-Amasi in his Book ‘mukhtasar al-idadh fi sharh al-kafiya (Dead 908 AH): A Descriptive Study

Pages 79-99
Asmaa Mahmood Mahmood; Mohammad Jasim Alsatouri


The Presence of the Poet's Self in Muhammad Al-Maghout's Poetry

Pages 100-118
Hind Ayoub Farhan Ayoub Al Dulaimi; Aref Abdel Sayel


Al-Ashmouni’s Grammatical Opinions Between Agreement and Disagreement in his Book “Tawdeeh Al Tawdeeh”; The chapter of dependents as case study

Pages 119-130
GHADA DEAB ALMIHIMIDI; Abdullah Hamead Hussein


Salah AbdulSabour's Perception of Poetry and Poetic Image Ali Gassem Al-karabsheh

Pages 131-152
Ali Gassem Mohammad Al_Khrabsheh قاسم doctor


Employing the Hadith witness at Al-Shalubin (d. 645 AH) in his book Hawashi Al-Mufassal

Pages 153-167
Ohood Saeed Mahmoud Al-Salmani Saeed Al-Salmani; Muhammad Jassim Satouri

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