What Impact Does the Uptake of Climate-Smart Agricultural Practices have on Rural Household Income? Evidence from Nigeria

Pages 1-17
Abdulrazaq Kamal Daudu; Latifat Kehinde Olatinwo; Oyedola Waheed Kareem; Habeeb Kayode Yusuf; Olashile Mojeed Adeyemi


Efficiency of Fig Tree (Aswad Diyala) for Peeling and Spraying with Gibberellin and Iron on the Content of the Branches of Nutrients

Pages 18-27
Hussein Al-Omrani; R. M. Hamad


Effect of Deficit Irrigation with Saline Water on Chemical Properties for Red Cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. capitate L.) under Drip Irrigation

Pages 28-39
Sazan Halmat Bibani; Tariq hama karim; Hussain T Tahir


Plant Population Density and N Rate Influence the Growth and Seed Producibility of Intermediate Maturing Maize Parental Line at Sub-humid Agro-Ecology of Western Oromia, Ethiopia

Pages 40-48
Wakuma Biratu; Begizew Golla; Gemechu Asefa


Comparative Potential of Rhizobial Species on Wheat Productivity and Soil Status

Pages 49-53
Trifa Dhahir Saber; Mohammed Qader Khursheed


Response of Mung Bean (Vigna radita L.) to Fungal Inoculation (Glomus mosseae L. ) and Nano Chelating Zn Fertigation

Pages 54-59
Mohmmed Swadi Zagher Al-Rkabe


Applying HEC-RAS Software to Propose a Dam Site Along the Tigris River Between Mosul and Tikrit, Iraq

Pages 60-71
Alyaa shakir Oleiwi; moutaz A. AlDabbas


Controlling of Maize Grey Leaf Spot by Interacting Host Resistance and Fungicide Spray Frequency at Bako, Ethiopia

Pages 72-84
Debela Diro; Fikre Lemessa


Effect of Plant Density on the Physiological and Quality Trait for Different Varieties of Wheat (Triticum aesitivum L.)

Pages 85-96
Mohammed Qader Khursheed; Zhala Muhammad Ameen


Bryophyllum pinnatum Growth Response to Nickle Nanoparticles Foliar Spray

Pages 97-104
Chnar Najmaddin Fathulla; SIRWA ANWAR QADIR; Shireen Abdulkerim Amin


How Using Probiotics in Poultry Can Fight the Spread of Antibiotic Resistance to Humans?

Pages 105-109
Shameeran Salman Ismael; Bland Husamuldeen Abdullah; Shaimaa Hamid Hasan; Amal Jamil Sadiq; Diyan Mosa Omer


Effect of Adding Mineral Fertilizer NPK and Biochar on the Potential Buffering Capacity of Potassium and its Relation to Corn Yield in Calcareous Soil in Northern Iraq

Pages 110-119
Raniah Nayyef Ali; ammar Younis Ahmed kashmolah


The Impact of Green Cover on Air Pollution Reduction

Pages 120-126
Sadiq Mohammad Sadiq


Reversibility of Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity under Soil Sodicity and High Electrolyte Concentration

Pages 127-135
Hassina MAHDI; kaddour DJILI; Youcef DAOUD


Women Farmers Empowerment: The Role of Cooperative Societies in Kwara State, Nigeria

Pages 136-151
Kareem Oyedola Waheed; Dolapo Tawakalitu Abiola; Abdulrazaq Kamal Daudu; Idowu Firdausi Siyanbola


Geometrical Properties of Local Sesame Seeds (Sesamum indicum L.) Grown in Kurdistan Region

Pages 152-157
sheraz zuher karem


Evaluation of Quality Protein Maize Inbred Lines for Turcicum Leaf Blight and Gray Leaf Spot at Bako, Ethiopia

Pages 158-165
Debela Diro; Temesgen Deressa Hunde; Mideksa Dida Ardessa


An overview of Phoenix dactylifera L. Date Varieties in the Province of Bechar (Southwest of Algeria): Productivity and Challenges of the Date Palm Sector

Pages 166-176
Elhassan Benyagoub

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