Accreditation of the Iraqi Medical Colleges: The last warning

Pages 1-7
Ghanim Alsheikh; Omar Mustafa


Psychological profile of breast cancer patients-sample from al-Resafa / Baghdad

Pages 8-19
Sahar Al-Shatari; Mahir Suhail; Iman A. Mohammed; Iman Chaloob


Thyroid function abnormalities in hepatitis C positive patients in a single center in Basrah

Pages 20-29
Amar Alaa Hussein; Alaa Mousa


The relationship between BCG scar size and socioeconomic status on the severity and mortality of COVID-19 patients, “as indicators of the immunity”

Pages 30-35
Jawd K. Albazoony


The Extra-Pulmonary Manifestations and Complications of COVID-19: An Observational Study from Basrah - Southern Iraq

Pages 36-50
Hassan Ala Farid; Ali Raheem Hashim; Alaa Abdullah Fadhil


The impact of understanding the difference in response of TNFa and CXCL13 in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis concerning treatment strategy of both diseases

Pages 51-60
saif ali jabbar salman aljubran; Nabeel Abduljaleel Ali; Jawad Hasan Ahmed; saad wahid


Postdate Pregnancy: Maternal & Neonatal Outcome

Pages 61-67
Methal A. Alrubaee; Wafaa S. Almaliki; Saba A. Almahdi


Knowledge, attitude and practices regarding COVID-19 outbreak among people in Basrah city

Pages 68-80
Shams S. Ahmed; Lamis A. Hameed


COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in Iraq: a growing concern

Pages 81-90
Abrar I Albadr

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