Prevalence and pathological study of trichomoniasis in the racing pigeons in Mosul city, Iraq

Pages 1-6
Mohammed H. Altememy; Mohammed G. Saeed


The antidepressant effect of tramadol and chlorpheniramine combination in mice model

Pages 7-13
Gada A. Faris; Ali I. Thannon


Molecular detection of Leishmania in cutaneous scrapping and blood samples of dogs in Mosul city

Pages 15-19
Wasan A. Alobaidii; Dhary A. Almashhadany


Isolation and characterization of antibiotics resistance Enterococcus faecium from mastitic cow's milk

Pages 21-27
Marwa H. Musawi; Atheer A. Abdullaziz


Phenotypic and genotypic study of sarcocystosis in Iraqi domestic goats (Capra hircus)

Pages 29-35
Amer M. Al-Amery; Toqa N. Al-Waely; Azhar A. Faraj


Using the pop-gene program to study two genetic sites of the growth hormone gene in Iraqi local sheep

Pages 37-41
Ahmed A. Mnati


Molecular diagnosis of Anaplasma phagocytophilum in ticks infesting cattle in Iraq

Pages 43-47
Alaa K. Mahmood; Basim K. Ajel; Nabeel M. Abo Al-Maaly; Naseir M. Badawi


Occurrences of E. coli in dromedary camels in some provinces in Iraq with a molecular study of E. coli O157:H7

Pages 49-54
ِAli K. Altee; Afaf A. Yousif


Effect of homologous platelet rich fibrin matrix and injectable platelet rich fibrin on full thickness skin autograft healing in dogs

Pages 55-64
Asmaa H. Allawi; Mohammed G. Saeed


Monitoring of bronchiolar lesions and their relation with Mycoplasma gallisepticum and Infectious bronchitis virus infections in broilers with severe respiratory distress

Pages 65-72
Mohammed I. Ahmed; Karam H. Al-Mallah


Anatomical and histological study of the kidney of the one-humped camel

Pages 73-79
Abdulrazzaq B. Kadhim; Hazem K. Almhanna; Hassaneen A. Sharoot; Sameer A. Abid Al- Redah; Nabeel A. Almamoori


Modulatory effect of Saussurea costus ethanolic extract on kidney male rats expose oxidative stress

Pages 81-88
Enaam E. Jabori; Luma W. Khaleel; Hana Kh. Ismail; Ahmed N. Flaih


Clinical and hematological profiles of vitamin D3 deficiency in Najdi lambs

Pages 89-95
Wessam M. Saleh; Hayder K. Al-Abada; Rafid M. Naeem; Alaa A. Ibrahim; Israa A. Alsaad; Hussein A. Naji


Seasonal morphometric and functional changes of thyroid gland and relationship with thr1 and thr2 genes expression in queen ovary

Pages 97-102
Mohammad S. Jawad; Jabber A. Al-Sa aidi


Relationship of induced thyroid gland disorders with fertility in cyclic female rats

Pages 103-109
Khalil G. Al-Nailey; Jabber A. Al-Sa aidi; Jaafar K. Al-Bedary


Modulation of chitosan nanoparticles properties for sheep pox mucosal vaccine delivery with cytotoxicity and release Studies-in vitro

Pages 111-119
Mazin R. Al-Zubaidi; Hazim T. Thwiny; Mohammad N. Al-Biati


Evaluation of histopathological and healing potentials of the full-thickness cutaneous wound for a topical ointment formulation containing extract of bark Quercus aegilops in mice

Pages 121-128
Thamer J. Shihab; Ahmad A. Sultan; Ali G. Atiyah; Sarab W. Alwash


Assessment of fetal sex determined and eye diameter to detection of gestational age in mares by ultrasonography

Pages 129-134
Yaseen M. Rasheed; Falah H. Khalaf; Salah N. Mohammed


Molecular detection and phylogenetic analysis of Babesia caballi in domestic donkeys (Equus asinus) in Baghdad Zoo, Iraq

Pages 135-140
Naseir M. Badawi; Zaid S. Hussein; Muqdad M. Qasim; Taha Y. Al-Badrawi; Sundes S. Alammi


Isolation and molecular detection of Staphylococcus aureus from feline otitis in Baghdad

Pages 141-146
Lubna A. Abbas; Amane M. Rady


Conventional and molecular identification of Enterobacter cloacae that carries SHV-related extended-spectrum-β-lactamase gene from bat intestinal contents

Pages 147-152
Balsam M. Al-Muhana; Zena F. Saleh; Saba F. Khlaif; Jenan N. Sadeq


Detection of the cytochrome B (cytb) insecticide resistance gene in Theileria annulata isolated from cattle in Hilla city, Babylon governorate, Iraq

Pages 153-158
Ayat Q. Jawad; Monyer A. Al-Fatlawi


Evaluation of antidiabetic activity of zinc oxide and chromium oxide nanoparticles alone or in combination on the pancreas of alloxan-induced diabetes mellitus in male albino mice (Mus musculus)

Pages 159-163
Manar M. Al-Murshidi; Isrra A. Khadhim; Hussein S. Al-Mafragy; H.M. Al-Saily


A study of the level of glucose in fertile and infertile buffalo

Pages 165-168
Jawad K. Taher; Aamir M. Al-Ghareebawi; Rabab S. Salman


Impact of damiana (Turnera diffusa) against amitriptyline induced heart injury, dysfunctions and DNA damage in male rats

Pages 169-176
Azhar A. Alankooshi; Ehab M. Tousson; Sahar S. Alam; Afaf M. El-Atrash


Histological changes of extract cumin cyminum on the leydig cells, seminiferous tubules and epididymis in adult rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus)

Pages 177-182
Walaa F. Obead; Harith H. Khalaf; Hussein B. Mahmood


Curative role of silymarin against reproductive toxicity of the female system during the critical periods of life

Pages 183-189
Wafaa K. Jasim; Amal U. Mosa; Mazin H. Ouda; Rana F. Mousa


Ameliorative effects of curcumin on dehydroepiandrosterone-induced polycystic ovary syndrome in female rats

Pages 191-196
Amal U. Mosa; Wafaa K. Jasim; Mazin H. Ouda; Ayyed H. Hassan


Geographical distribution of ixodidae (hard ticks) in all provinces of Iraq

Pages 197-201
Haleem H. Obaid; Raad H. Hasson; Muntasir O. Al–Ani; Ennass J. Fayyad; Salah F. Abbas; Thamer H. Hamza


The detrimental effects of sweet stevia on the growth of swiss white mouse embryos

Pages 203-210
Arwa A. Alnuimy; Hani M. Hamodi


Effects of methotrexate on hepatic and testicular tissues in male rabbits: Histological, hormonal and biochemical analysis

Pages 211-217
Ali J. Al-Nuaimi; Eman J. Jabber; Mohammed J. Jawad; Mayada S. Hassan; Ali J. Jihad; Asaad K. Al-Shuwaili


Histopathological impact of cisplatin on the brain and lung of pregnant albino mouse (Mus musculus)

Pages 219-225
Baidaa A. Salah; Mohammed Y. Alfathi


Seroprevalence of anti-listeriolysin O amongst aborted ewes in Nineveh province, Iraq

Pages 227-231
Hadeel A. Mohammed; Maab I. Al-Farwachi; Balsam Y. Rasheed


A comparative study of treatment with ciprofloxacin and sodium propionate for non-O157 STEC (IQ1) infected mice

Pages 233-243
Boraq J. Abdullah; Ihab G. Al-Shemmari; Kadhim S. Kadhim


Neurobehavioral evaluation of quail treated with omega-3 and chlorpyrifos

Pages 245-250
Yamama Z. Alabdaly


Effect of hypercholestermic diet on the β- amyloid deposition and microglial cells with some biomarkers alterations in male rats

Pages 251-257
Hussein A. Raheem; Wefak Albazi; Raeed Altaee; Tahreer M. Al-Thuwaini; Goosoon H. Jhoni

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