The Antithesis Dualities in the Poetry "Bunyat Al-Takween and Roya Al-Tashkeel" A Critical Approach of the Poetry of Amr Bin Laja Al-Taymi

Pages 1-21
Wissam Jaafar Al-Tamimi


Literary Prowess in Writing a Biography for Others - Ahmed Hassan Al-Zayat as a Model

Pages 22-57
ahmmed addel aziz alrawi


The Psychological Connotations of Color in The Pendants Ode's Zuhair Bbin Abi Salma

Pages 58-83
Sondos Qassem Abdullah


Diwan of Abd al-Rahim bin Ahmad bin Ali al-Bura’i al-Yamani, who died in the year 803 A.H. “Objective Study”

Pages 84-108
Yusra Muheisen Ali; Firas Abdel-Rahman Al-Najjar


Rhetorical methods and their role in prophetic Expression in Al _Bari Al_Seniki (T:926i)

Pages 109-152
Dalal Abdel Fattah Al-Gohani; Ali Matar Al-Dulaimi


Hypothetical Heterogeneity and the Effectiveness of Transformation in the Qur’anic Context (An Applied Study in the Evidence of Badi’ Al-Qur’an By Ibn Abi Al-Isbaa’ Al-Masri)

Pages 153-200
Maqasid Bashir Mahdi; Irmid Matar Hamad


Realism in the Poetry of Abu Al-HusaynAl-Jazzar Al-Masry (D. 679 AH) ((Analytical study))

Pages 201-246
Kamal Abid Nasser


The Status and Status in the Light of the Methods of Explanation (Poetry of Miskin Al-Darmi by choice)

Pages 247-271
Maha Fawaz Khlifa


Al-Ashmooni's Grammatical Efforts in Guidance the Arabic Names in His Book Tawdhih Al-Tawdhih

Pages 272-302
Mohammad Shaker Jassem; Abdullah Hamid Khalaf


Morphological Applications in The Light of Innovative Approaches: The Descriptive Approach and The Normative Approach As A Model

Pages 303-324
Noor Fayeq Al-Rawi; Ahmed Safaa Abdul-Karim


The Reason for Confusion or Confusion in the Book "Sharh Al-Mamluki in the Interpretation of Ibn Yaish"

Pages 282-313
Muhammad Karim Al-Hiti; Zafer Khairallah Al-Ani


Vocabulary of Movement in the Poetry Contained in the Epistle of Forgiveness: A Lexical Study

Pages 350-380
hadeel rood tahseen


Methods of Vocabulary Control in the Dictionary of Mashari’ Al-Lughah by Youssef Bin Ismail Bin Ibrahim (died after 812 AH) An applied study

Pages 381-395
Ahmed Mohammed Alfahdawi; mustafa kamil albikati


Linguistic Evidence in ' Sharah Al-Shama'il Al-Muhammadiya’ by Merck Shah Al-Sherazi (Died after 930 AH)

Pages 396-424
Jabbar Ali Al-Halbosy; Esra Salah Ibrahim


(Chapter of Tha'a) From the book (Al- Falah Theory in Definition and Terminology) by Ahmed Nazhat Al -Rahawi Al-Qustanteeni (died 1192 AH) – Study and Investigation

Pages 425-466
Athraa Dawood Sulayman; mustafa kamil albikati


Morphological Structure of the Verbs with One Vowel in Alisbaah by Ibn Hilal Alhalabi (died 933 AH)

Pages 467-493
Mohammed Abd Hussein; Rafid Hameed Khalaf


Bab Aldamayir fi Sharh Qalayid Altaerif fi Eilm Altasrif By Sharaf Al-Din Ahmed bin Mahmoud bin Omar Al-Jandi (T: 669 AH): A study and Investigation

Pages 494-526
Omer Zahid Hamdan; Jasim Muhammad Suheil


The Answer Letters In The Holy Quran And Their Relationship To The Question Letters

Pages 527-551
Kamel Ibrahim Hodeib


Employing The Qur’anic Witness in The Dictionary of Mashari’ Al-Lughah By Yusuf Bin Ismail, Who Died After The Year 812 AH. From The Letter Ghain to The End of The Letter Laam

Pages 452-464
Mohammed Watban Al-Hayani; Laith Qahir i Al-Hiti


Linguistic Correction for Contemporaries (Kitab Tadhkirat Alkatib) – As a Model

Pages 565-582
Abdul Muttalib Najeeb Ahmed


The Poetics of the Mundane in Frank O’Hara’s Selected Poems

Pages 583-608
Hisham Abdulsattar Waheed; Anan Alkass Yousif


A Pragma-Stylistic Analysis of Selected Siegfried Sassoon’s Poems

Pages 609-629
Aws Nasri Hamad


Unhomeliness Vs. Hybridity: Women’s Suffering and Crisis of Identity in Elif Shafak’s Honor

Pages 630-649
Qusay Khalaf Hussein


An Ecofeminist Reading of Woman Vision in Elizabeth B. Browning’s A Dead Rose

Pages 650-668
Aliaa Abed Mohsen; Mohamad Fleih Hassan


Domestic Abuse in Caryl Churchill's The Hospital at the Time of the Revolution

Pages 669-682
Noor Aziz Abed; Majeed Mohammed Midhin


Rhetorical Move Analysis of Iraqi Post Graduate Students' MA Linguistics Thesis Abstracts

Pages 683-701
Marwan Salah Abbas; Juma Qadeer Hussein


When Memories Haunt: A Psychological Approach to Trauma in Hosseini’s The Kite Runner

Pages 702-716
Shaimaa Muhammad Ahmad; Alan Ali Saeed


Reflection of Pain in Nature: Psychoanalytic Reading in Stanley Kunitz's Selected Poems

Pages 717-736
Noor Salim Idan; Asmaa Khalaf Al Jumaily


Ageism and Elder Abuse in Velma Wallis’s Two Old Women

Pages 737-750
Amina Nidham Jabir; Lamiaa Ahmed Rasheed


Iraqi EFL Learners' Comprehension of Indirect Speech Acts in Literary Texts

Pages 751-779
Mariam Asaad Dakheel; Ammar Al Abdely


The Representation of Transitivity Clauses in Iraqi EFL Learners’ Literary Performance

Pages 780-790
Rana Abduwahid Fadhil; Muslih Shwaysh Ahmed

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