Explanation of the Clearest Path Named Clarification of Clarification

Pages 1-25
Weam Sadiq Mahmoud; Laith Qahir i Al-Hiti


Modern Technology and its Impact on Facilitating the Arabic Language

Pages 26-52
Moataz Muhammad Jassim; Kjamees Fazaa Omair


The Merciful King Opened With an Explanation of The Systems Related to Nouns, Verbs and Letters Written by: Ahmed bin Shihab Al-Din Ahmed bin Muhammad Al-Saj’i Al-Masry Al-Azhari Al-Shafi’i, Known as Al-Saj’i (d. 1197 AH)

Pages 53-99
Muthanna Qahir Abdullah


Jumue Alqilat Fi Sunan Albayhaqii Alkubraa

Pages 100-148
Shihab Ahmed Al-Mohammadi; Zafer Khairallah Al-Ani


The Linguistic Doctrine of The Reciter Abi Suleiman Dawood bin Abi Taybah Al-Masry (died: (223 AH), in the light of his book Satire and Calligraphy Science

Pages 149-171
Badeeah Hasan Ali; Bayan Mohammed Aljubawi


The Multiplicity Of Grammatical Meanings Of The Qur’anic Structures According To Makki Al-Qaisi In The Problem Of The Translation Of The Qur’an Mother.

Pages 172-194
Mohammed Abid Theyab


Imam Al-Matrizi (D. 610 AH) and his Methodology in Studying the Noun, Verb and Letter

Pages 195-223
Sarah Yasser Thaker; Assad AbdulAleem Abdulrahman


A Brief in the Predicate Sentence by Imam Al-Hammam Taj Al-Mullah Wal-Din Muhammad bin Muhammad Al-Isfrayini known as Al-Fadil (684 A.H.)

Pages 224-247
Omar Thabit Al-Jubouri


Expansion of prophetic meanings in linguistic tools in the book Al-Kawakib Al-Dari in the explanation of Sahih Al-Bukhari by Shams Al-Din Al-Kirmani (d. 786 AH)

Pages 248-284
Mazin Idham Al-Dulaimi; Taha Shaddad AL_Obaidi


The Internet of Things and investment in university libreries

Pages 285-293
Nahi Ahmed Owaid


The Sincerity of Emotion in the Elegiac Poetry of the Poet Sabti Al-Hiti

Pages 295-325
Mohamed Hatem Al-Hiti


The laws of discourse in the novels of Adham Sharkawy

Pages 326-359
Noor Abdel Awwad; Shaimaa جبار ali


Idealism in Islamic Poetry, Poets of the Islamic Party Era.

Pages 360-391
Sadaam Ali Al-Faraji


The syllabic structure and its impact on the artistic image of the poets of Andalusia in the literary encyclopedias .. The Mamluk era as a model

Pages 392-413
Saad Saber Al-Dulaimi; Salam Abed Fayyad


Crossing Boundaries: Black Women's Diaspora in Gloria Naylor's The Women of Brewster Place

Pages 414-430
Mohammed Dera Farhan; Marwan Kadhim Mohammed


Selected Examples from the Biography of the Israeli Poet Rachel Bluffstein Through her Poetries

Pages 431-452
Essam Subhi Al-Kubaisi


The Spatial Reading of Synge’s The Shadow of the Glen (1903)

Pages 453-474
Qutaiba Faraj Alrawi; Majeed Mohammed Midhin


The Concept of Time in Dylan Thomas’s Fern Hill

Pages 475-495
Marwah Firas Al-Rawe; Noor Sami Khalil


El Romanticismo Oscuro en Los Cuentos de Horror de Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer: Una Mirada a La Delgada Línea Entre el Amor y el Horror

Pages 496-511
Habeeb Abdulsattar Jabbar


La femme et les cinq sens dans la poésie de Jacques Prévert et Nizar Qabbani : Étude comparative

Pages 512-530
Omar Ghassan Meteab; Farah Abdulmunem Fathi


A Literature Review on Antonym in English

Pages 531-551
Rafat Dhiyaa Rashaad


Investigating Iraqi EFL Learners' Mastery of Passive Constraints in English

Pages 552-572
Mohammed Nadheer Mahmood


Decision-Making in Translating English Slang into Arabic: A Study of Style-Shifting

Pages 573-604
Ziyad Anwar Mahmood


Substitution Through Deletion (Metaphor)

Pages 605-622
Firas Abdel-Rahman Al-Najjar; Jamal Hamad Jarad


The Fixed Prosody Terminology

Pages 623-654
Samer Diaa El-Din Ibrahim; amar mhidi alwani


The Effect of Abstract Images on Poetic Structure in Horse Description Poetry

Pages 655-687
Osama Mubarak Shabib; Muhammad Nuri Abbas

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