A Convolutional Neural Network for Detecting COVID-19 from Chest X-ray Images

Pages 1-14
Basma Wael Abdullah; Hanaa Mohsin Ahmed


Meerkat Clan-Based Feature Selection in Random Forest Algorithm for IoT Intrusion Detection

Pages 15-24
Adil Yousef Hussein; Ahmed T. Sadiq


An Efficient Electronic Payment Using Biometric Authentication

Pages 25-33
Ahmed Abdul Karim Talib; Aymen Dawood Salman


Robust Sensor Fault Estimation for Control Systems Affected by Friction Force

Pages 34-47
Ruaa Hameed Ahmed; Montadher Sami Shaker


RCAE_BFV: Retrieve Encrypted Images using Convolution AutoEncoder and BFV

Pages 48-61
Emad M. Alsaedi; Alaa Kadhim Farhan


Intelligent Parameter Tuning using Deep Q-network in Adaptive Queue Management Systems

Pages 62-71
Ayman Basheer Yousif; Hassan Hassan Jaleel; Ghaida Muttasher


Collision Prediction Based on Vehicular Communication System

Pages 72-80
Abdulqader Falhi Jabbar; Rana Fareed Ghani; Asia Ali Salman


A Framework for Predicting Airfare Prices Using Machine Learning

Pages 81-96
Heba Mohammed Fadhil; Mohammed Najm Abdullah; Mohammed Issam Younis


Hybridized Dimensionality Reduction Method for Machine Learning based Web Pages Classification

Pages 97-110
Thabit Sulaiman Sabbah


Unmasking Deepfakes Based on Deep Learning and Noise Residuals

Pages 111-117
Wildan J. Jameel; Suhad M. Kadhem; Ayad R. Abbas


Automatic Quality of Experience Measuring for Video Conference in Real-Time

Pages 118-127
Roaa E. Alhassany; Rana F. Ghani


Optimizing Artificial Neural Networks Using Levy- Chaotic Mapping on Wolf Pack Optimization Algorithm for Detect Driving Sleepiness

Pages 128-136
Sarah Saadoon Jasim; Alia Karim Abdul Hassan; Scott Turner


SNOW3G Modified by using PLL Algorithms in Magic Cube

Pages 137-146
Rana Mohammed Zaki; Hala Bahjat Abdul wahab


The Techniques of Based Internet Key Exchange (IKE) Protocol to Secure Key Negotiation

Pages 147-154
Zainab Kareem Mahyob; Raheem AbdulSahib Ogla; Suhiar Mohammed Zeki

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