Color Visual Cryptography Based on Three Dimensional Chaotic Map

Pages 1-12
Shaymaa Ammar Fadhil; Alaa K. Farhan


PAPR Reduction for Different O-OFDM in VLC Using -Law Companding and Convolutional Encoder

Pages 13-26
Samir M. Hameed; Sinan M. Abdulsatar; Atheer Alaa Sabri


Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks for Text Lecture Summarization

Pages 27-39
Muna Ghazi; Matheel Abdulmunim


Unknown Input Observer-Based Decentralized PID- BFO Algorithm for Interconnected Systems Against Fault Actuator

Pages 40-52
Noor Safaa; Montadher sami shaker


A Lightweight Hash Function Based on Enhanced Chaotic Map Algorithm(Keccak)

Pages 53-62
Yusra Ahmed Ghareeb; Ekhlas Khalaf Gbashi


Comparative of Viola-Jones and YOLO v3 for Face Detection in Real time

Pages 63-72
Tameem Obaida; Nidaa Flaih Hassan; Abeer Salim Jamil


Proposed Hybrid Ensemble Learning Algorithms for an Efficient Intrusion Detection System

Pages 73-84
doaa nteesha mhawi; Soukaena H. hashem


Intrusion Detection System Based on Ada boosting and Bagging Algorithm

Pages 85-95
Ali khalid Hilool; Soukaena H. hashem; Shatha H. Jafer


Designing a New Lightweight AES Algorithm to Improve the Security of the IoT Environment

Pages 96-108
Sameeh Abdulghafour Jassim; Alaa K. Farhan


Optimal Linear Quadratic Control for Knee-Ankle Orthosis System

Pages 109-124
Fatimah I. Hussein; Safanah Raafat


Detection And Count of Human Bodies In a Crowd Scene Based on Enhancement Features By Using The YOLO v5 Algorithm

Pages 125-134
Mohammed Abduljabbar Ali; Abir Jaafar Hussain; Ahmed T. Sadiq


Survey: Recent Techniques of Image Fragile Watermarking

Pages 135-145
hala khalid Hussien; Ra'ad A. Muhajjar; Bashar saadoon mahdi

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