Computational Single and Multiphase Approaches to Investigate the Hydrothermal Behavior of Hybrid Nano-fluid in Plain and Wavy Tubes

Pages 886-903
Ahmed S. Habeeb; Sattar Aljabair; AbdulHassan A. Karamallah


Experimental and Numerical Study of Spur Gears With Lightening Holes

Pages 904-914
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Investigation of Frequency-Domain-Based Vibration Signal Analysis for UAV Unbalance Fault Classification

Pages 915-923
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Effect of ECAP process on mechanical properties and microstructure of AA-6061 recycled chips

Pages 924-939
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Mathematical Model of Properties and Experimental Fatigue Investigation at Elevated Temperatures of Functionally Gradient Materials

Pages 940-953
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The Effect of Electrode Geometry and Pre-heating Treatment on Resistance Spot Welding Strength

Pages 954-962
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The Effect of Vibrating Inner Cylinder on Natural Convective Heat Transfer in Concentric and Eccentric Horizontal Cylindrical Annuli

Pages 963-978
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Performance Evaluation of PV Panel Powered Dual Thermoelectric Air Conditioning System

Pages 979-990
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Exploring the effects of a new lifter design and ball mill speed on grinding performance and particle behaviour: A comparative analysis

Pages 991-1000
Ali Safa; Sahraoui Aissat


Impact of Cooling Fluid Temperature on the Structural Integrity of Gas Turbine Stator Blades

Pages 1001-1009
Olumide Towoju


Analytical Study of Free Vibration Characteristics For Sandwich Cylindrical Shell With Single Phase Metal Core

Pages 1010-1025
Ahmed Mouthanna; Sadeq H. Bakhy; Muhannad Al-Waily


Comparative Study of Induction Motor and Steam Turbine at Kebon Agung Sugar Factory Malang Indonesia

Pages 1026-1033
Roro Heni Hendaryati; Sudarman Sudarman; Damario Indra Baskoro; Nyoto Susilo; Cucut Hendra Pamungkas; Willy Satrio Nugroho; Yepy Komaril Sofi'i