Experimental Investigation of the Optimum Angle for the Hybrid PV/T Collector

Pages 1-12
Zuhair D. Mohammed; Saad M. Jalil


Strengthening Reinforced Beams Subjected to Pure Torsion by Near Surface Mounted Rebars

Pages 13-22
Mashael A. Alrawi; Mohammad N. Mahmood


Properties of Sustainable Self- compacting Concrete Containing Treated and Modified Waste Plastic Fibers

Pages 23-34
Asmaa S. Hussien; Mahmoud K. Mohammed


Improving Productivity Employ Simulation Model: A Case Study of a Steel Pipe Manufacturing Company

Pages 35-45
Arz Y. Qwam Alden


Dam and Reservoir System Management based on Genetic Algorithms

Pages 46-52
Mohammed Lateef Ahmed


Enhancing the effectiveness of the cooling system for automotive engine by employing different nanofluids: literature review

Pages 53-58
Israa Ali Abdulghafor


Identifying key factors affecting of the projects objectives in Baghdad Province by using experts interview technique

Pages 59-64
Halah waleed abd Al-jaleel


IHS Image Fusion Based on Gray Wolf Optimizer (GWO)

Pages 65-75
Sapan Jabar Faqe Ahmed; Dleen Mohammed Salih


Prediction of First Ply Failure of Composite Pressure Vessels Under Internal Pressure: A review

Pages 76-84
Naseer Farhood; Abdullah Hamad Singal


Analyzing kindergarten's Interior Spaces for Enhancing Children's Creativity Erbil City as a Case Study

Pages 85-97
Rawaz A. Shareef; Husein A. Husein


The Effect of CKD and RAP on the Mechanical Properties of Subgrade Soils

Pages 98-107
salman saeed; Ahmed H. Abdulkareem; Duraid M. Abd

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