Economic and cultural relations between the United States of America and Iraq 1968-1972

Pages 3237-3255
Jamal Hashem Dhuwaib; Salem Ismael Mustafa


Sayyid Abd al-Rahman al-Mahdi and his political role in Sudan until 1920

Pages 3255-3276
Ahmed Rashid Juraithi; Saleema Sataa Mohammed Ali


Acting Commanders of Al- Duleim Brigade 1920_1924

Pages 3277-3297
Ahmed Saadi; Fahmi A. Farhan


the cultural role of the Iraqi Jews in the nineteenth century

Pages 3298-3320
Luma A. Mustafa


The political position of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the League of Arab States on the Iraqi-Iranian war (1980-1988 AD)

Pages 3321-3349
Nibras R. Whaieb; Yousif Sami Farhan


The Economic developments in the United States of America 1900-1920

Pages 3349-3382
Abid Hussein Abid


His position the US government on the differences with Mexico from 1877 to 1881

Pages 3383-3398
Zainab Hashem Jaryan


Rivers in the cities of Anbar through the books of travelers and countrymen from the third century to the end of the ninth century AH

Pages 3399-3428
Talal Ismael Farman; Prof. Dr. Othman Abdul-Aziz Saleh Abdul-Aziz Al-Muhammadi


Scientific life in the Rashidun era

Pages 3429-3453
Zaben Khalaf Nawaf


Women's Awqaf in the Arab Islamic state on mosques and Masjids

Pages 3454-3488
Badie M. Ibrahim; Marwa M. Ghazi


The profession of pearling and fishing in Bahrain, a study in economic history

Pages 3489-3519
Fawaz Jazzaa; Rami Kh. Hammad


Aspects of social life in Oman from the third century AH to the end of the eighth century AH

Pages 3520-3538
noor bassem; Abduljabbar M. Shrems


The progeny of my master Ali Abhloul united with the chains of the collections of hadiths of the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace Imam Burhan Al-Din Al-Laqani (d. 1040 A.H.)

Pages 3539-3595
Kamran Saad Allah Al-Zankaneh


Byzantine-Crusader Relations from the Establishment of the Byzantine Empire to the End of the Fourth Crusade

Pages 3596-3626
Mohammed S. Hashem; Majeed M. Naief


The political and economic relationship of the Kingdom of Ashkelon with Egypt and the Assyrians

Pages 3627-3645
Shaiban Th. Alrawi; Tameem A. Jubair


The Rise Of The Royal Dynasty In The Kingdom of Yamkhad During The Second Millennium B.C

Pages 3646-3678
Jamal N. Salih; Yasser J. Shawkat


Aanah, Its Political and Civilized History until The End Of The Assyrian Era

Pages 3689-3711
Ahmed Abdullah Fadhel


The principles of peace and their impact on Iraqi society

Pages 3712-3729
Anas Isam Ismael


Integrated education and knowledge-building (social theoretical study)

Pages 3730-3758
Maath Ahmed Hasan; Abdullah Hamad


Turkish Propaganda Methods for Arabs through the Electronic Journalism: An Analytical Study of the Press Articles Published on the Turkish Arabic-speaking (Turk Press TP) website.

Pages 3759-3782
Raad K. Hafez; Nuzhat M. Nafal


Geopolitical location of Iraq and its impact on its foreign policy

Pages 3783-3824
Omer Kamel Hasan


The geopolitical vision of the transnational outer space organization and its impact on fragile states (Iraq after the American in 2003 as a model)

Pages 3825-3870
Wedad Hammad Mekhlif


The geomorphological risks of the Bastoura Valley in northern Iraq

Pages 3871-3883
Rasha A. Sarhan; Meshaal Faisal Ghadhib


Evaluation of the efficiency of the spatial distribution of some services provided by the municipality of Ramadi city

Pages 3884-3908
Abdulnaser Sabri Al Shaher; Ayat H. Jassem


Geographical analysis of the services sector in the rural center of Ramadi district

Pages 3909-3933
Yassin Hameed Bedaa; Marah Th. Juma


Climatic treatments of the urban reality in the city of Fallujah using the Delphi method

Pages 3934-3963
Firas F. Mahdi; Zainab H. Abid


Promising water energy investment potential and its role in supporting the Arar border complex in Anbar Governorate

Pages 3964-3985
Nadhir S. Hamad; Omer A. Hammad


The change in the reality of agricultural production of (grain) crop in the countryside of Ramadi district for the period 1980-2020

Pages 3986-4000
Khaled Akbar Al Hamdani; Omer T. Freih


Adopting a model (EPM) and using geomatics techniques, spatial modeling of the activity of erosion processes (Wadi Al-Tarthar Case Study)

Pages 4001-4021
Ahmed Flaieh Fayadh; Abdulqader M. Saleh


Geographical analysis of the efficiency of religious services in the city of Ramadi (mosques as a model)

Pages 4022-4046
Abdulrazaq M. Jabbar; Huda T. Najm


Problems facing agricultural (vegetable) production in Fallujah district for the year 2021 and ways to address them

Pages 4047-4076
Salah M. Jasem; Wasan M. Jadiea; Jenan A. Abbas


Improving the digital elevation model of topographic maps in GIS (applied study on Al-Tharthar Lake)

Pages 4077-4100
Ali Khalil Khalaf Al-Jabiri


Geomorphological risks of erosion and floods in the Wadi Al-Maleh basin

Pages 4101-4134
Hind Tareq Majeed Al. Samaraei


Geographical analysis of the streets equipped with lighting in the center of Ramadi

Pages 4135-4154
Noor Odah


A Qualitative Narrative Study of 21st Century Counsellor's Skills and the Sustainable Development Goals: Towards a Psychology of Sustainability

Pages 4155-4200
Bushra Ismaeil A. Arnawot


Systemic Thinking Among University Students

Pages 4201-4233
Sabah M. Manoukh; Omar Kh. Rashid


Self-awareness and its relationship to the cognitive style (risk - caution) among graduate students

Pages 4234-4273
Ammar A. Farhan; Naji A. Rmaied


Psychological and Cognitive Developments among Adolescents - a Longitudinal Study-

Pages 4273-4304
Fuad Mohammed Frieh; Asmaa H. Abdulsatar


Anger Management for Primary School Female Teachers

Pages 4304-4329
Safi A. Saleh; Ranya H. Mousa


Productive thinking among fourth-grade students in mathematics

Pages 4330-4358
Haider A. Al-Zuhairy; Elaf G. Khaleel


The Attitudes of Non specialist EFL post-graduate Iraqi students about Edmodo and their utilizing for learning the English language

Pages 4358-4393
Zeena Abid Ali Albayati


The Attitudes of Male and Female Teachers Towards Using the Madrasati Platform During the Corona Pandemic

Pages 4394-4425
Ayed M. Al Ghamdi; Majed Sh. Al. Ghamdi; Mohammed A. Al. Ghamdi; Hamdan M. Al. Zahrani


The Effect of CoRT Programme with EFL Preparatory School Students' in Writing

Pages 4426-4446
Dunia T. Hameed; Zeyad T. A


The effectiveness of e-learning in light of the spread of the Corona virus from the point of view of Arabic language teachers in the schools of the city center of Ramadi

Pages 4447-4477
Saken JAwad Jasem

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