Methodological trends in the book ((Nazm Al-Aqyan fi A’ayan Al-A’yan) by Al-Suyuti (d. 911 AH)

Pages 2048-2074
Fatema Zabar Anizan


The economic impact of the slave girl Shaghab in the Abbasid era (295 - 321 AH / 907-933 AD)

Pages 2075-2100
Lateef K. Mohammed; Aysar Thaker


One of the sources of Arab and Islamic political thought is the book Refinement of Leadership and Arranging Politics by Muhammad Ibn Ali al-Qala’i “d. 630 AH

Pages 2101-2136
Alaa Nafeh Jassim


Scholars of Sijistan (200 AH-422 AH/815-1030 AD)

Pages 2137-2161
ismael Mujbil Hamad


Preaching and Education in The Actions and Sayings of Ahl al-Bayt and the companions of The Messenger of Allah When Dying

Pages 2162-2186
Wael Mohammed Saeid; Majed Hameed Ghazi


The science of arithmetic among the Arabs: its inception, its branches, and its authorship

Pages 2187-2210
Eman Saleh Mahdi


The importance of division and facilitator for Arabs pre- Islam

Pages 2211-2228
Khaled Ahmed Saleh


Islamic naval campaigns in Morocco from the conquest to the year 362 AH

Pages 2229-2255
ُEsraa Tareq Hammoudi; Mohammed Helal Humood


paddles Between upbringing and formation, their definition and concept

Pages 2256-2286
Abdulazeez Khedher Al.Jasem; Mahmoud Obaid Jasem


Sufism and Its Most Prominent Men in the Days of the Almorabiteen and the Almohadeen in Andalusia (484-635 AH/1092-1238 AD)

Pages 2287-2323
Mohammed Khalil Ibrahim


Manahil al-Safa fi Jamal al-Mustafa by Abu al-Abbas Ahmed bin Abd al-Hay al-Halabi al-Fassi (1120 AH) - study and investigation -

Pages 2324-2354
Nadhem Naji Hammad


Intellectual life in the city of Gorgan

Pages 2355-2371
Ahmed Mohammed Rashid


Intellectual life in the city of Badghis

Pages 2372-2410
Sabah Maayof Hammadi


The Qatari-Bahraini dispute over the Hawar Islands 1971-1981

Pages 2411-2428
Ahmed Saleh Khalifa; Yasser Hamad Khalifa


The role of political agents and residents in Kuwait 1904-1943

Pages 2429-2456
ُEyad Nadhum Jasem; Raghad Basel Wasmi


Turkish-French Relations 1923-1939 A.D

Pages 2457-2486
Ahmed Mahmoud Allaw; Mohammed Hamza Hussein; Lubna Riyadh Abdulmajeed


The impact of the tanker war on the Kuwaiti economy 1986-1988

Pages 2487-2507
Ahmed Abduljabbar Freih


The oldest foundation tablet from the Ottoman era in Baghdad bears the name of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, dated 963 AH (1556 AD)"An artistic archaeological study"

Pages 2508-2533
Saadi Ibrahim Al. Darraji


The feasts of the kings of ancient Egypt and their connection to the religious aspect (1580 - 1080 BC)

Pages 2533-2559
jamal Neda Saleh; Milad Mohammed Yassin


Civil peace in data journalism: an analytical study for Sky News Arabia

Pages 2560-2586
Simaa Saadon Azizi


The question of nationalities and minorities and the fragmentation of the Middle East Critical readers in geopolitics

Pages 2587-2628
Muhaimen Abdulhaleem Al.Wadi


Spatial variation of household income levels in Anbar Governorate for the year 2020

Pages 2629-2655
Hussein Ali Abid; Mushtaq Ahmed Ali


Property characteristics of agricultural holding systems and their administration in the rural area of Ramadi

Pages 2656-2685
Omer Taleb Frieh; Khaled Akbar Al Hamdani


A geo-economic analysis of agricultural plant production in the countryside of the Ramadi district center

Pages 2686-2710
Marah Taher Jumaa; Yassin Hameed Bedaa


Spatial variation of the unemployed population in Anbar Governorate for the year 2019

Pages 2711-2741
Ziyad Badran Jassem; Bilal Bardan Ali


Evaluation of the efficiency of the Saqlawiya irrigation project

Pages 2741-2766
Solaf Taha Dawod; Kasem Ramel


Urban sprawl towards the water fronts of the city of Ramadi

Pages 2767-2795
Nehad Sabah Jasem; Meshaal Faisal Ghadhib


Thermal balance of human body and its influence on physiological comfort.

Pages 2796-2818
ismael Abbas Harat


Change in the educational levels of the population of Heet for the period (1997-2020)

Pages 2819-2843
Alaa Shehab Hameed; Ayad Mohammad Makhlef Al- Adwan


The economic and social effects of the phenomenon of child labor and beggary in Damazin and Ruseiris locality, Blue Nile State, Sudan (2018)

Pages 2844-2860
Abdulrazzaq Hasan Ismael


Hydrological assessment of the volume of water losses in Al-Habbaniyah Lake and its impact on the tourism activity of the tourist city h using modern geographical technologies

Pages 2861-2895
khalid sabbar mohammed; Ali Sulaiman Rezaieg


Morphotactic analysis of Tayat Anah and its impact on the variation in the shape of the Euphrates River channel in western Iraq

Pages 2896-2921
Taha Yassin Abdullah


Noise pollution and its health effects on the residents of Al-Qaim district

Pages 2922-2948
Hazem Mohammed Khalaf; Mahmoud Akash Ahmed


The suitability of leadership positions for women from the point of view of teachers and students

Pages 2949-2970
Saada Hamdi Swidan; Abdulwahed Hameed Thamer


Language ability and its relationship to the development of speaking and writing skills for third -grade intermediate students

Pages 2970-3018
Hassan Ali Abed Jwad


Twenty-first century skills in the sixth-grade science/biology chemistry textbook, and the extent to which teachers possess them

Pages 3019-3042
Ayied Khudhaier Dhayaa


The level of achievement of the practical education program of its objectives in light of the Corona pandemic from the point of view of the students of the College of Education for the Humanities

Pages 3042-3070
Sabhan Youned Majeed; Amna Maysour Ismael


Emotional Fatigue and family climate and their relationship Among parents of people with special needs

Pages 3071-3100
Salwa Faeiq; Mohammed Abbas Mohammed


The effectiveness of a counseling program in alleviating anxiety and strengthening the psychological immune system among students

Pages 3101-3136
Fuad Mohammed Frieh; Hanan Khaled Ibrahim


Exposure to Bullying and its Relationship to Social Withdrawal among University Female Students

Pages 3137-3172
Zina Mohammed Ahmed; Safaa Hamed Turky


The avoidance personality and its relationship to empathy among university students

Pages 3173-3206
Ikram Saleem Al. Heeti; Abdulkareem Obaid Jumaa


Psychological immunity among students of the University of Mosul

Pages 3207-3236
Afrah Nasreldin Noreldine; Alaaeldin Ali Hussein

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