The impact of Mosul historians during the seventh century AH on the translation books of Ibn al-Adim as a model

Pages 1-23
Maha Saeed Al Khafaf


Prof. Dr. Imad Abdel Salam Raouf A study in his scientific biography

Pages 24-53
Ourba jameel Mahmood


Professor Dr. Taha Khuder Obaid, and his Scieutific efforts to Upgrade the Level of Academic Education at University of Mosul.

Pages 54-73
Fathe Salim Humydi; Aqil Mohammad Khuder


Educational conditions in the Mosul Brigade in the second half of the nineteenth century

Pages 74-89
Mahir Hamed Jassim Al-Noora; Ahmed Jassim Hmmud


Islamic discourse and the problematic of its reading in the light of religious texts

Pages 90-107
Azhar Hadi Fadel; Hussein Jaber Abdullah


Iraqi support for the cause of Tunisian independence in the United Nations

Pages 108-119
Bashar Fathi Jassem Al-Akidi


The administrative role of the Quraish families in Andalusia (138-422 A.H / 756-1031 A.D.) (Hijaba and the police as a Example)

Pages 120-132
Faiza Hamza Abbas; Elias mohammad Ibrahim


The political conditions of the establishment of the Alrasuliya State (626-858 AH / 1229-1454 AD)

Pages 133-147
Muhammad M Muhammad Bahauddin


Political power in Voltaire's thought

Pages 148-168
Bashar Farouk Abd; Ammar Zahir Mosleh


Connection between Abu Zakariya al-Azdi's by Ta'rkh al-Mawsil and Ta'rkh Khalifa bin Khaiat (Introductory study)

Pages 169-187
Maysoon alAbaychi


Funeral customs and traditions in Andalusia Social custom and religious tradition

Pages 187-211
Kassem Abd Saadoun Al-Husseiny


The geopolitical factor and it's impact on the city of Mosul during the exits of Aloled bin taref Al-Share 177 A.H/ 793 A.D and AI-Ataf bin Sufyan AL-Azadi unrest 180 A.H/ 796 A.D

Pages 212-225
Mohammed Abdullah Hussein


The Canaanite city of Shechem and Tel Balata before the construction of Nablus and the strategic importance

Pages 226-239
Amna Abu Hatab Abu Hatab; Ali Hamza Abbas


Carol Hillenbrand and Writes in Islamic History

Pages 240-257
Musab. H. Najem Al Zadey


The political role of the Mamluks during the reign of Sultan Qansuh al-Ghuri (906-922 Ah/1501-1516 AD)

Pages 258-283
Hussam al-Din Talal Mahmood; Fathi Salem Hamidi


Mechanisms for building the rule of law in Iraq

Pages 284-303
Shaima Rafi Sultan; Zaid Rafi Sultan


History of E-Learning and its Stages

Pages 304-314
Ahmed Jamil Sulaiman Al Dulaimy


The Biographies of the People of Wasit Ibn al-Shaar al-Mawsilli (654AH/ 1256AD) : A Study in the Sources

Pages 315-329
Hanan Al-Sabawi


Dar Al-Hadeeth AL- Muhajiriya and Al-Mudhafari in Mosul (Historical study)

Pages 330-347
Huda Yaseen Yousif Al-Dabaagh


A study of the situation of minorities in Iraq after the American withdrawal In 2011

Pages 348-369
Hind Fakhri Saeed; Bayan Farr's Nasser


The role of the Arab Gulf and its impact on interaction Civilization with the East

Pages 370-388
Alaa Nafia Jassim; Zainab Kamel Karim


Iraqi Women’s role in social and intellectual work- Sister Assemblies and Muslim Women’s forum example

Pages 389-407
Eman Abdulhmeed Mohamed al dabbagh


The role of religious authority in the twentieth revolution The supreme religious authority, Sheikh Muhammad Taqi al-Shirazi, as a model

Pages 408-478
Qahtan Hamid Kazem


Peacemaking in Iraqi Educational Institutions After 2003 The (Concept and Application)

Pages 479-502
Bashar Hasan Yousif


Pictures of religious tolerance in the Ziyarid emirate (316-471 AH / 928-1078 AD)

Pages 503-520
Muhammad Ali Ismail, Wais Ibrahim

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