The Poetic Vision: An Inductive Approach

Pages 1-21
Fatima Sabah Mansoor; Wasan Abdulghani Al-Mukhtar


The Rhetorical Witness of Nasif Al-Yaziji in His Book "Al Traaz Al Mualam", Documentation and Study

Pages 22-61
عمار إسماعیل أحمد


Human Values in Majnun Laila's Poetry

Pages 62-94
Tahseen Darwish Sulaiman


The Natural and the Industrial Place in the Story Collection "Ginoon Wa Maa Ashbah" by Najman Yassin

Pages 95-112
Shahad Hamid M. Al- Sofi; Ashtar Dawood Mohammad


Verses of reverence in the Holy Quran Objective study

Pages 113-130
Hana Abdel Rahman Taher


Preserving religion in the Jewish and Christian religions

Pages 131-151
Ali Hussein Ali; Yasser Ahmed Abdullah


The Struggle of Truth and Falsehood in the Holy Quran The Story of Abraham Peace Be Upon Him, as a Model

Pages 152-183
Hanan Subhi Salman


Saying the matter whether it is required immediately or not required

Pages 184-201
Sura Najm Al-Din Abdul Razzaq; Mudhar Haider Mahmoud Al-Yuzbeki


The level of mastery of Arabic language teachers at the secondary stage with methods Develop persuasive writing skills

Pages 202-224
mahmoud هلال abdelkader


معالم التربیة العقدیة على الإیمان بالله تعالى من خلال أسماء الله الحسنى (الجمیل , الجواد , الحیی)

Pages 225-242
بشار شعلان عمر; فاطمة حیدر ابراهیم


The impact of the circular house strategy on the systemic thinking of middle school students in geography

Pages 243-266
roslia basam


اثر نموذج برونر الاستقبالی فی تنمیة السلوک الاجتماعی لدى اطفال الروضة

Pages 267-290
زینة طه العبیدی; Zina Khalaf Hussein Al-Ali


(The effect of the Montessori approach in developing the cognitive awareness of kindergarten children)

Pages 291-311
Dr.Eman Mohmad Shareef Assistant Professor Dr; Fadia Abdel Wahab


Effect of school Admin, Strations in Lessening Academic bullging field study in school of nineveh governorate

Pages 312-320
Safana Ahmed; Khalel mohammed Hussein


The Role of Secondary School Female Teachers in Promoting Positive Values among Female Students to Achieve the Requirements of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030

Pages 321-346
Ibtessam Abdulaziz Binnahedh


The Effectiveness of a Training Program Based on Visual Teaching Strategies in Developing the Recitation Skills of Students / Teachers in the Department of Qur’an Sciences

Pages 347-378
Ahmed Bassam Aziz; Saif Ismail Ibrahim


Al-Safa Brothers, a historical study

Pages 379-401
Harith Jabbar Abd


E-Learning and Its Role between Geographic Information Systems and Population Geography

Pages 402-422
Sahar Qassem Al-Taie; Hala Hassan Ahmed Al-Dabbagh


The Population Distribution of the Arab Tribes in Egypt in the Mamluk Era

Pages 423-443
Manahil Ahmed Mahmoud Al Jeraisy; Fathe Salim Humydi AL-Lahibi


Horses in Andalusia

Pages 444-473
kassem Abed Saadoun Al-Husseiny


The general conditions of the Levant in the late sixteenth century until the beginning of the seventeenth century 1596-1635 AD

Pages 474-495
Salah Ibrahim Youssef; Ahmed Mohamed Nuri Ahmed


((Britain’s Role in the Omani Internal Conflicts 1913-1932))

Pages 496-535
Ali Hamza Abbas


Image of Mosul between Imad Al-Din Khalil and Abd Al-Munim Al-Amir in the Two Novels: Al-Aesar, Almidhana and Farba

Pages 536-560
ILham Abdulwahahhab Abdulqader


The Historical City of Raqqada, a Study of its Origins and Development

Pages 561-576
Wafaa Ahmed Mustafa


Manifestations of unity and diversity between the Ayyubid and Mamluk states - Islamic buildings as a model

Pages 577-603
Muhammad Mahmoud Taha; Fayez Ali Bakhit


The Effect of Smart Training on a Number of Physical Variables for Football Players

Pages 604-629
Ahmed R. Al-Hayali; Rayan A. Al-Hasso; Maan A. Al-Hayali


The Effect of a Psycho-social Programme on Increasing Self-Esteem of Seated Volleyball Players

Pages 630-653
Mutasim T. Abdullah Alalaf; Ogla Sulaiman Alhoory


The Effect of Possession Exercises on Some Private and General Physical Characteristics of Young Football Players

Pages 654-674
Hussein Ahmed Hamza Al-Bayati Ahmed Hamza Al-Bayati; Maan Abdel Karim Al-Hayali


The Effect of Physical Stiffness Exercises on Some of the Physical Abilities of Young Handball Players

Pages 675-683
Nemat Karim Mustafa,; Maher Ahmed Assi


The Effectiveness of a Training Program Based on Blended Learning in Developing the Practical Performance of a Number of Teaching Skills for Physical Education Teachers in the City of Mosul

Pages 684-709
faieq younis faieq


The effect of the presence of Helicobacter pylori bacteria to all kinds of blood components

Pages 710-728
Israa Nadhim Lateef


The use of quantum mechanics methods to determine the ionization constant pKa for a number of acidic compounds derived from n-formyl piperidine

Pages 729-743
Salah H. M Sheet; Rayan Basheer Mahmod; Ahmed Y. Haydari


Spectrophotometric Determination of Resorcinol Using Oxidative Coupling Reactions

Pages 744-754
Reem A. Al-Luhaiby; Ahlam A. Shehab


Spectrophotometric Determination of Domperidone Maleate, Carvedilol, Dimetindene Maleate and Cinnarizine in Pharmaceuticals by Ion Association Complex Formation with Erythrosine B Dye

Pages 755-783
Muthanna B. Abdullah; Elham S. Salih


Synthesis and characterization of some new cyclohexenone compounds derived from chalcones and evaluation of bacterial activity

Pages 784-806
Mohammad M. Al-Tufah


Studying the effect of reactor type on the efficiency of the prepared activated carbon From the wood of the lead tree by chemical treatment

Pages 807-817
Khaled Owaid; Muhannad Abdul Salam


Measuring the Quality of Higher Education Using Linear Programming Applied Study in the Faculty of Management and Economics University of Mosul

Pages 818-836
Rana Bashar Hussein; Azza Mustafa Abdel Qader; Rasha Talal Abdel Rahman


Exploring Iraqi Kurd EFL Students’ Learning Styles at University Level

Pages 837-858
Huda Kanaan Hamza; Abeer Khalaf Hussein


Gender and Grotesque in Marsha Norman Selected Plays: A Psychological study.

Pages 859-877
Farah Ammar


Syllabus Concepts, Approaches and Types: A Theoretical Account

Pages 878-898
Arwa Luay Luay Abdulkhaleq .Asst. Lect

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