The semantic correlation between hatred and the words interpreted in it in the dictionary (Lisan Al Arab)

Pages 1-16
Ramadan Omar Ali


Cheating patterns and treatments from the point of view of religion

Pages 17-41
Shaimaa hekmat mahfuz said


The morphological term between the general and the particular

Pages 42-60
Baida Abdul Khaleq Salman


The impact of the creedal purposes of Ayat al-Kursi “Lord Signs and Signs” Analytical study

Pages 87-127
Mohammed Salem Abdul-Jabbar Al-Rifai


Features of krotsk in contemporary theatrical text ( (the play of rubbish models) )

Pages 87-127
Massar Arabe Jasem


Examples of Surat Hud (Analytical Study

Pages 128-143
Eman Ghanem Hazim; Reem Tawfeeq Ghaleel


‏ Examples of Imam Ibn Arafa’s interpretation weightings of the two verses (no. 11 and no. 119) in Surat Al-Baqarah. Collection and study model.

Pages 144-165
Asmaa’ Ibrahim Khaleel Al Himmadi; Faris Fadhil Musa Al Shimmary


The current study aims at setting efficiency

Pages 166-194
Shaymaa Maher Alhamdany


The Effect of (SQ3R) Strategy on the achievement on fourth stage literary student in geography

Pages 195-226
Hussein اسماعیل Ismail


اثر استـراتیجیةKUD فـی تـحصـیل تـلامـیذ الصـف الخـامس الابتـدائی فـی مـادة الــعلوم

Pages 227-248
Naktal Jameel Younus


The impact of the constructive John Zahrek model on the achievement of the third -grade students in mathematics and the development of their side thinking

Pages 249-276
entithar al-hamdany


Emotions Management And Its Relationship To Psychological Stress Among Preparatory School Students

Pages 277-291
Falah Hasan Alrudan


Time management for middle school principals From the teachers' point of view in the city of Mosul

Pages 292-325
Baida Mudafar al-Naqib; Muhammad Ali Al-Obaidi


Professional and Personal Skills Required in a Typical Teacher Character

Pages 326-358
Lamyaa Hassen Al-Ezzi


Aesthetic awareness and its relationship to personality traits among students of the College of Basic Education

Pages 359-397
Thekra Youssef Jameel


Integration of the educational role of the family and the school in the educational process

Pages 398-425
Anwar Mahmoud Ali


The extent to which the science department teachers apply modern scientific experiments during the implementation of the lecture from the point of view of their students

Pages 426-449
Shaima Mohamed Babir; Saddam Muhammed Hameed


Use Radial Basin Function &Empirical Bayesian kriging To derive and improve the digital height model from the topographic map (Case study on Lake Talker)

Pages 450-470
Sahar Saeed Qasim Al-Taie; Ali Khalil Khalaf Al-Jabiri


Trade Relations Between The Cities of The Phoenician Coast and ancient Egypt

Pages 471-484
Saad Omar Mohammed Amen


Land form of the Dohuk Dam Lake Basin analyzing

Pages 485-509
Dilveen Jafaar Mohammed


Analysis of the extent of the change of vegetation cover area in the heights of the southern Jordanian Mazar District for the period (1984-2021) using the vegetation coverage index (NDVI).

Pages 510-530
Samer Abdelkareem Odeh ALrawashdeh; Mothfar Aabad Mahmoud ALrawashdeh


Midhat pasha and his procedures for the proclamation of the Ottoman Constitution 1876

Pages 531-548
Hisham Saber AL-Rashedy


The activities and letters of Suleiman Al-Baroni in Iraq and Oman 1929-1939

Pages 549-577
Ali Hamza Abbas Hamza Al-Sofy


Landform Geomorphology Classification of Ashkaft Fold

Pages 578-608
Noor Fares Hamad; Fawazmid Hamou Al-Nish


Women's issues in the writings of Muhammad Emara

Pages 609-636
Hashim Abdul Razaq Salih


Experimental construction of kinetic speed of arms and legs in free swimming In the water for advanced swimmers

Pages 637-657
احمد موید العنزی


Building sport violence scale for special needs Players""

Pages 658-688
Mohammed AbdAlsalam Hazem Alhyali


Building a scale of administrative competencies for the heads of sports clubs in Iraq from the point of view of administrative bodies

Pages 689-716
Yasir bazil mohammed; Walid Khaled Hammam; Saad Fadel Abdel Qader


Effect of Detraining on Some Immune System Variables of Children Aged (11-12) Years

Pages 717-748
Mohammed T. O. Husaen Aga


Evaluating the performance of the Parliamentary Youth and Sports Committee from the point of view of Iraqi sports organizations

Pages 749-787
Ahmed Enad Gargees; Khalid Mahmoud Azziz


A New Spectral Conjugate Gradient method for solving unconstrained Optimization problems

Pages 779-788
Osama M. T. Wais Alkassaab; Khalil K. Abbo; Ibrahim A. Saleh


Reforming of Al-Kasek Naphtha by Ruthenium Chloride Grafted Zeolite

Pages 789-805
Ragheed Yousif Ghazal; Dhyaa Mahmood Fathy


Effects of adenosine and dipyridamole on serum levels of IL-6, TNF - , and some antioxidants in rabbits

Pages 806-817
Taghreed Hazem Saber Alfakje; Faehaa A. Al-Mashhadane; Ali Ashgar Abed AL_Mteewati


Effect of Extracts of Some Iraqi Lichens Against the Growth of Some Fungi Isolated From Infected Fruits and Vegetables

Pages 818-834
Zakaria Sami Almola; Nadeem Ahmad Ramadan; Basheer Al-Nima


Perceptions of Physics Teachers of Adopting Invention in Science Labs (ISL) Framwork in Ma'an Governorate

Pages 835-866
Heba , Kreishan; Mustafa , Jwaifell


Evaluation performance of water projects stations using PAM clustering technique

Pages 867-891
Nadwa Khazal Rashad Al-Obaidi; Neama Abdullah Al-Fakhri


A Semantic Analysis of Hyponymy in Wilde's The Nightingale and the Rose

Pages 892-914
Rafat Dhiyaa Al-Obaidy


A study of Assertives in Arabic Supervisor – Student Interaction

Pages 915-939
Ashraf Abdulwahid Dhannoon Abdulwahid Taha; Kamal Hazim Hussein Hazim ALmola


Introduction to The Model of Vinay and Darbelnet in Translation: Basics and Comparisons

Pages 940-961
Safwan Hameed Safi; Luqman Abdulkareem Nasser

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