Employing Local Architecture Elements in Airport Buildings

Pages 1-20
Amaleid Abd- Alrhman Yousif ِAlabasee; Momtaz Hazim Aldewachi


Sustainable Urban Renewal of the Old City of Mosul

Pages 21-27
Ibtihal Do Alfuqhar; Mehmet Emre Aysu


Design Characteristics of the Interior Elements of a Prayer Hall in Congregational Mosques

Pages 28-38
Alaa Abdulkareem Suleiman ALsaydan; Ahmed Abdulwahid Dhannoon


Effect of Lime Stone & Cement on the Mechanical Properties of Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA)

Pages 39-48
Bayan Abdullah Taha Al-Ali; Abdulkhalik M. Al-Taei; Shafika Abdullah


State-of-the-art for Strengthening and Rehabilitating Structural Beams Using Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers Configurations (A Review)

Pages 49-59
Islam Abdullah Aziz; Khalaf Ibrahem Mohammed


Efficiency Enhancement of CMOS Power Amplifier for RF Applications

Pages 60-67
Shamil H. Hussein; Mohammed T. Yassin


Design and Optimization of Butterworth and Elliptic Band Pass Filters in 5G Application

Pages 68-81
Dina Riydh Ibrahim


An Innovative Way to Describe Islamic Architecture Identical Line Bundles Describing Unity and Repetition in Ventilation Malqafsof Aleppo Architecture

Pages 82-91
Ahmed Kamal Mohamed Jatal


Improving Grounding System for Oil Tanks Using Finite Element Method, Taking into Account the Frequency Dependence of Soil Parameters

Pages 92-100
Wejdan I. Awad AlAli; Riyadh Zaki Sabry


Optimization of Power Quality Using the Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC) with Unbalanced Loads

Pages 101-109
Ahmed Yahyia Qasim Alhatim; Fadhil R. Tahir; Ahmed Nasser B. Alsammak


Impact Study of Unequal Voltages of Power Plants (Generators)

Pages 110-116
Mohammad Ahmed Ali Al juboori; Yousif Mohammed Al-Younus; Mohammed Ali A. Alrawe


Comparative Investigation on the Quality of Sensitivity of Six Different Types of Thermocouples

Pages 117-126
Abdulkhalek M. Kadir; Salim Azeez Kako


Dynamic Simulation and Optimization of Flat Plate Solar Collector Parameters Using the MATLAB Program for Erbil-Iraq Climate Condition

Pages 127-139
Kamaran Fatah Rashid; Idres Azzat Hamakhan; Chalang Hamarasheed Mohammed


Forecasting the Reconnaissance Drought Index (RDI) Using Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs)

Pages 140-155
Rana M. A. Qassab Bashi; Abdel Wahab M. Younes Al gazzak; Omar M. A. Mahmood Agha


Quantitative Characteristics of Groundwater and its Distribution in Tal-Afar Region- Iraq

Pages 156-165
Asaad Mahmoud Shehab ALKnoo; Abdulwahab Mohammad Younis Al gazzak


The Effect of Magnetized Water with Certain Intensities on Salts Leaching Efficiency from Agricultural Soils

Pages 166-177
Marwan Jassim Mohamed AL-Ubaide; Anmar Abdul-Aziz Altalib


A Review of Arabic Intelligent Chatbots: Developments and Challenges

Pages 178-189
Zena N. Abdulkader; Yousra Faisal Muhammad Al-Irhayim


Comparison Between Features Extraction Techniques for Impairments Arabic Speech

Pages 190-197
Sura Ramzi Shareef; Yousra Faisal Muhammad Al-Irhayim


U-Net Cost Analysis Using Roofline Model

Pages 198-205
Ula T. Salim; Shefa A. Dawwd; Fakhrulddin H. Ali


A Model for Investigating the Iraqi Politics During the Elections

Pages 206-215
Thaer Sultan Alramli; Wael Wadullah Hadeed; Zaid Abdulelah Mundher


An Enhanced Industrial Wireless Communication Network for Hard Real Time Performance Substation Automation Purposes

Pages 216-226
Firas S. Alsharbaty; Qutaiba I. Ali


Challenges of Load Balancing Techniques in Cloud Environment: A Review

Pages 227-235
Ola Hani Fathi Sultan; Turkan Ahmed Khaleel

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