Marketing Audit and its Role in Reducing Marketing Crises-An applied Study in the General Company for Northern Cement in Nineveh Governorate

Pages 9-30


The Contributions of the Design for Disassembly Dimensions in Promoting Sustainable Marketing: An Exploratory Study in the General Company for Electrical and Electronic Industries in Baghdad

Pages 31-56


Measuring Financial Sustainability Using the Dupont Model, an Analytical Search for Real Estate Companies Registered in the Amman Stock Exchange for the Period 2008-2020

Pages 57-76


Does The Distribution of Income Respond to the Development of Institutions?

Pages 77-99


The Role Total Productive Maintenance in Achieving Green Maintenance an Exploratory Study of the Opinions of a Sample of Individuals Working in the Mosul Dairy Factory in Iraq

Pages 100-122


The Role of Financial Structure Balance in Ensuring the Iraqi Bank Financial Health )An Analytical Study of A Sample of Banks Listed in Isx-Iq For the Period: 2015-2020)

Pages 123-140


The Role of Monetary Policy Indicators in Achieving Monetary Stability in Iraq and The Kurdistan Region - Iraq for the Period (1988-2019)

Pages 141-168


Analysis of the financial reality and its development in Cihan Bank for Islamic Investment and Finance for the period (2011-2021)

Pages 169-191


Feasibility Analysis of The Establishing Mosul Tourist Park Project

Pages 192-211


Marketing Innovation and its Contribution to Promoting Customer Confidence-An Exploratory Study of the Opinions of A Sample of Workers in Singular Stores in the City of Mosul

Pages 212-232


Diagnosing the Reality of E-Learning Quality Standards in Iraqi Universities/ an Exploratory Study in a Number of Faculties of the University of Mosul

Pages 233-259


Customer Experience is an Entry Point for Achieving Marketing Success: an Exploratory Study in a Number of Private Banks in the Governorate of Dohuk

Pages 260-284
Hala Nuri


Adopting Enlightened Marketing And its Role In Enhancing the Entrepreneurial Orientation/An Exploratory Study of the Opinions of A Sample of Managers of Some Productive Organizations in the City of Mosul

Pages 282-303


The Impact of Some Financial and Economic Variables on the Levels of Capital Accumulation for the Period (1990-2020) Egypt and Bahrain Case Study

Pages 304-329


Viral Marketing and its Contribution to Brand Promotion in the Telecom Sector an Analytical Study of the Opinions of A Sample of Customers in the Asia Cell Mobile Communications Company in Iraq/Mosul City

Pages 304-320
meryam Ismail


The Reality of Governance Indicators and their Impact on Economic Growth in Iraq for the Period (1996 – 2020)

Pages 347-372

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