Licenses of Peaceful Radioactivity (Comparative Study)

Pages 1-54
Omar Hussein Ali; Prof. Dr. Aref Saleh Mikhlif


Taking into account the jurisprudence of reality in the jurisprudential and legal conditioning A comparative study in the light of Islamic jurisprudence and positive law

Pages 55-103
Prof.Dr. Adnan Ibrahim Abdul-Jumaili; Prof.Dr.Mahmoud Ibrahim Al-Hiti


How For Of The Applicability Of The Public Facility Description To Private Colleges And Universities

Pages 104-145
Mufeed Nayyef Turki


Legal adaptation of the public-private partnership

Pages 146-182
Sally M.G. Selim; Prof. Dr. Arif S. Mukhlif


"Transparency of the General Budget in Iraqi Law"

Pages 183-218
Assistant Professor Dr. Ahmed Faris Abdel-Azzawi


The effectiveness of private law rules that regulate exceptional circumstances in settling disputes Resulting from the emerging circumstance Covid-19 Corona Virus) as a model

Pages 219-254
professor. Assistant. Dr. Abdul Basit Jassim Mohammed; ABDULBASIT JASIM MOHAMMED


The standard contract for electronics a means of consumer protection

Pages 255-286
Soongul Aziz Abd- Kareem


The provisions of the traffic fine in the Iraqi Traffic Law No. 8 of 2019

Pages 287-316
Assistant Professor Dr. Sana Mohammed Sadkhan; سناء محمد سدخان


Constitutional and legal organization for the resignation of the Prime Minister in the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq 2005

Pages 317-357
Ass.Proff.Phd. Musadaq Adel Talib


"Lawsuit of damage due to non-observance neighborhood legal distance in construction According to the provisions of the laws in force in Palestine/ West Bank"

Pages 358-403
Assistance professor Dr. Hussein Ahed Ayaseh


The Role of Justice in Interpretation of civil contracts

Pages 404-440
Riyadh Ahmed Abdulghafoor; Prof.Dr.Shurooq Abbas Fadhil


The implications of renegotiation as a means of resolving international trade disputes

Pages 441-459
Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Siddiq


Course hold A comparative study

Pages 460-493
Teacher Dr. Younes Mahmoud Karim


The extent of the success of the Jordanian Legislation in solving the practical issues by limiting the lapse of time related to the formally registered immovable property

Pages 494-528
D-Mohammad Abd Alharahsheh


The Crime of Electronic Blackmail for Women (A comparative study)

Pages 529-561
Dr.Hadeel saad ahmed


The Impact of Women’s Quota on the Electoral Participation Under the New Iraqi Election Law Draft (2019)

Pages 562-595
Assis. Lecturer Dileen Sardar Zuhdi AL-Noori


Resolutions of the Iraqi parliament and how far they are binding to the executive branch

Pages 596-623
Assistant lecturer .Ruqaya Adil Hamzah


The national interest and its role in activating aspects of conflict, interational cooperation and competition

Pages 624-649
Assistant Lecturer Shaker Razig Muhammad; Professor. Dr. Hala Khaled Hamid


Reading the negotiating tracks about the Renaissance Dam (GERD) … Theoretical approach

Pages 650-685
Assistant ProfessorDr .Ibrahim Hardan Matar


Inputs to understand the US-Iranian crisis and its repercussions on Iraq

Pages 686-730
Assist Prof. Dr. Ali Muhammad Alwan; Assist Prof .Dr. Saddam AbdulSattar Rashid salman


The Saudi Shura Council: A Developmental Governance Approach

Pages 731-771
Assistant Professor Dr. Nagwa Mohamed Ali ElBashir


The Protest Movements and their Impact on the Outputs of Arab Political Systems after 2019( Iraq as a Model)

Pages 772-807
Dr. Mohammed Saleh Shteeb


Women's rights between the Western vision and cultural specificity

Pages 808-841
Dr. Imad Rzayig Omer


National Reconciliation and Societal Peace in Post-2003 Iraq: (Challenges and Opportunities

Pages 842-891
Dr.Muhannad Hamed mihadi; Fouad Jameel Khalef

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