Visible Light Fidelity Technology: Survey

Pages 1-15
Kawther Dawood Salman; Ekhlas Kadum Hamza


FPGA-Based Multi-Core MIPS Processor Design

Pages 16-35
Sarah M. Al-sudany; .Ahmed S. Al-Araji1; Bassam M. Saeed


Dual Architecture Deep Learning Based Object Detection System for Autonomous Driving

Pages 36-43
Mahmoud M. Mahmoud; Ahmed R. Nasser


An Optimal Path Planning Algorithms for a Mobile Robot

Pages 44-58
Omar Abdul Razzaq Abdul Wahhab; .Ahmed S. Al-Araji1


Implementation of Spectrum Sensing based OFDM Transceiver using Xilinx System Generator

Pages 59-69
Areej Munadel Kadhum; Ekhlas Kadum Hamza


Parallel Heat-Exchangers Network Optimization Using Sliding Mode Extremum Seeking with integral Anti Wind Up Scheme

Pages 70-84
Taha Adel Al-Gadery; Shibly Ahmed Al-Samarraie


Fuzzy Like Pid Controller Based on Sso Design for Congestion Avoidance in Internet Router

Pages 85-101
Mohammed I. Berbek; Ahmed A. Oglah


A Comparative Study of Researches Based on Magic Square in Encryption with Proposing a New Technology

Pages 102-114
Ibrahim Malik ALattar; Abdul Monem S Rahma


Comparison of Three Proposal Methods in Steganography Encryption Secret Message using PVD and MapReduce

Pages 115-131
Huda Ghazie Abd UL Sahib; Maisa Abid Ali Khodher


Assessment of Service Departments in the Governorates Through Social Media Comments

Pages 132-142
Sura Sabah Rasheed; Ahmed T. Sadiq

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