Parametric Customization of Single-Family Housing Designs Ain Al-Iraq Housing Complex as a Case Study

Pages 1-17
Doaa Mosab Attarbashi; Dhuha Abdulgani Al-kazzaz


Interactive Design in Urban Outdoor Spaces A Comparative Study of the Employment of Digital and Traditional Technologies

Pages 18-31
Suha Imad Aldobouni; Ahmed Y. Alomary


The Design Characteristics of the Architectural Elements in the Houses of the Old Mosul City -An Analytical Study of the Iwan Element -

Pages 32-53
Sinan Mohammad Talee; Anwar Meshal Shareef


Pre-Fabrication of Marble Window Frames In Mosul's Traditional Houses / An Analytical Documentary Study of its Repeated Models

Pages 54-74
Abeer Khaleel Al_alaf; Ahmed Abdulwahid Dhannoon


Pre-Fabrication of Alabaster Columns in Mosul's Traditional Houses /An Analytical Documentary Study of its Repeated Models

Pages 75-95
Abeer Khaleel Al_alaf; Ahmed Abdulwahid Dhannoon


Existing and Future Traffic Congestion Reduction Study in Mosul Left Coast Using an Electronic Algorithm

Pages 96-103
Mohannad R.M. Askar; Abdulkhalik M. Al-Taei


Parking Study at University of Mosul Main Campus

Pages 104-117
Dr. Mohammed Yasseen Taha; Hadeel Hussein Ali


Beam Tracking Channel for Millimeter-Wave Communication System Using Least Mean Square Algorithm

Pages 118-123
Ban A. Asi; Farhad E. Mohmood


Reactive Power Control using STATCOM for Power System Voltage Improvement

Pages 124-131
Sabah Abdulkareem Yousif; Saad Enad Mohammed


Output-Input Hybrid Passive Filter Design for Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Pages 132-142
Shaker Mahmood Khudher; Ishak bin Aris; Mohammad Othman; Nashiren Mailah


Three Component Weather-Sensitive Load Forecast using Artificial Neural Network

Pages 143-149
Yamama Anwar Al-Nasiri; Majid S. M. Al-Hafidh


A Novel Method to Manage the Electrical Energy Profile in Iraq: Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

Pages 150-157
Ahmad Ali Khalaf; Omar Sh. Al-Yozbaky


The Impact of Length of Frame on The Performance of Video Application in WiMAX System

Pages 158-163
Mohammed Younis Thanoun


Study of the Impact of Antenna Selection Algorithms of Massive MIMO on Capacity and Energy Efficiency In 5G Communication Systems

Pages 164-170
Sawsan N. Abdullah; Farhad E. Mohmood; Yessar Ezzaldeen Mohammed Ali


Simulation of High Efficiency Tandem Solar Cell using InGaP/GaAs

Pages 171-178
Marwah M. Salim; Khalid Kh. Mohammed


Studying the Effect of Adding the Concrete Reinforcement Grid Rods to the Grounding System of the Mosul Secondary University Distribution Station

Pages 179-186
Saleh k. Ahmad Algehiche; Riyadh Zaki Sabry


An Experimental Study to Verify the Thermal Performance of a Solar Air Heater Used for Space Heating and Ventilation

Pages 187-200
Mohammed Ali Mohammed Saleh; Omar Mohammed Hamdoon


Conjugate Heat Transfer of Nanofluid Flow Inside A Micro– Wavy Channel

Pages 201-210
Hussein Jamal Almola; Amir Sultan Dawood


Efficiency, Adequacy, and Uniformity for Normal Distribution of the Application Depths

Pages 211-217
Haqqi I. Yasin; Entesar Mhamad Ghazal


The Effect of Entrance Edges Shape of the Diversion Channel on the Dividing Streamlines Behavior at the Junction Region

Pages 218-226
Ahmed Yahya Abdalhafedh; Nashwan K. Alomari


Testing the Homogeneity of Rainfall and Temperature Data in the Kurdistan Region- Iraq

Pages 227-236
Rana M. A. Qasab Bashi; Abdel Wahab M. Younes; Omar M. A. Mahmood Agha


Effect of Soil Surface Slope on Water Distribution Uniformity for Stationary Sprinkler Systems

Pages 237-248
Tariq Jasim Ahmed Al_farrajy; Haqqi I. Yasin


Infiltration and Some Physical Properties of soil

Pages 249-258
Haqqi I. Yasin; Entesar M. Ghazal


Appropriate Operating Policy for a Reservoir System Based on Inflow States (Mosul Reservoir as a Case Study)

Pages 259-266
Ziyad Taher Ali Al-Dabbagh; Kamel Ali Almohseen


Non-Stationarity Identification in Flow Time Series Using Wavelets Transform Technique

Pages 267-279
Reyan H. Al-Mustafa; Kamel Ali Almohseen


Evaluation of Aquacrop Model for Wheat Yield During Guaranteed Rain Years in Rabi'a Region

Pages 280-290
Alaa I. Naser; Entesar M. Ghazal


The Effect of Dual Water Jet on Discharge Coefficient of Vertical Spillway

Pages 291-299
Firas I. Khaleel; Ahmed Mohammed


Evaluation of Hidden Surface Removal Methods Using Open GL

Pages 300-308
Lubna Muzahim Saeed; Fakhrulddin H. Ali


A Review of Digital Image Fusion and its Application

Pages 309-322
Zahraa T. Al-Mokhtar; Farah N. Ibraheem; Hassan F. Al-Layla


Low Cost Portable System for Converting Mosul Electrical Substations to Smart One’s

Pages 323-339
Aseel Y. AlKasap; Rabee M. Hagem


Assessment and Review of the Reactive Mobile Robot Navigation

Pages 340-355
Zead Mohammed Yosif; Basil Shukr Mahmood; Saad Zaghlul Al-khayyt

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