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The effect of using the flipped classroom strategy on the achievement of fifth grade literary students in geography and developing their geographical sense

Pages 1-34
Rana Ghanem Al-Taei


The effect of using the virtual laboratory on developing experimental thinking for students of the Department of Life Sciences In the laboratory of phylogeny

Pages 35-55
Mohammed Jassim Abdul Amir


Perception of metacognition and its relationship to the level of academic ambition of university students

Pages 56-83
Adeeb Mohammed Nader; Saad Ghanem Ali


The Efect of using The Interrogation Style On The Achievement Of Fifth Primary Grad Students In Islamic Eduction

Pages 84-104
Omar F. Abdul Lattef Al-Ma dheedi


Identify the advisory needs of students of the College of Basic Education at the University of Duhok

Pages 105-130
Jihaan Saeed Adel


Employing the reciprocal teaching strategy in teaching science and its impact on the achievement of second-grade intermediate students and development their health awareness

Pages 131-166
Abdullah Mohammed Ahmed Alraho


The Reality of the comprehensive quality standards for physics laboratories in preparatory and secondary schools in Mosul

Pages 167-190
Hussein Zenalabeden Shekhabosh


Management by expectation in the colleges of Baghdad University in the light of the Kaizen methodology from the viewpoint of its administrative leaders

Pages 191-216
Yousif Yaqoob shahatha


The Effect of the Integration of the Strategies of the Flipped Classroom and the Hot Chair in the Achievement of Biology Among the Fourth Grade Students and the Development of their Critical Thinking.

Pages 217-243
Zeyad Bader Hamad


The effect of Peer Teaching Strategy on the acquisition of some by mathematical concepts Special Education pupils

Pages 244-279
Haifa Abdurrahman Braham Albania


The Trilogy of values Doer and Its Impact in Reinforcement of the Environmental Security

Pages 280-296
Dr/ Mostafa Ahmed El Hakim


The effect of using knowledge society strategies in developing geographical criticism and successful intelligence for students in the geography department in the College of Basic Education.

Pages 297-324
Dalia farook abdulkareem; Rawa bahaelden Mohamed


The Grammatical Explanation of Sheikh Ismail Al-Hamidi (d. 1316 AH) in his footnote on the explanation of al-Kafrawi for the body of al-Ajrami

Pages 325-342
Zaunab Hamed Ali; Kareem TH. Dawud


The Personality mark in the Very Short Story The Complete Works of Haytham Behnam Barada as a model

Pages 343-372
Khalid Jamal Hussien Salim Al- Jubori; Nabhan Hasson Al-Saadon


The causal interpretation of names and their semantic development in The Crown of the Bride from the essence of the dictionary

Pages 373-408
Sumaya Mohammed Taher Abdullah; Hazem Thanoun Ismail


imayinatins of cinema in thep poem ( Ala Qadr Ahlelazim) The poet Al- mutanabi

Pages 409-438
Jassim Elias Ahmed


The Structure of Temoporary Poem Ahmed Bachet s "Roma" as a case study

Pages 439-465
Ghanim saleh sultan


Ills of the rules of writing poetry In contemporary critical discourse

Pages 466-486
Huda Mustafa Abdulla; . Salim Muhammed Dhannon


The semantic differences of the words love and friendliness and miss them in the holy Quran

Pages 487-506
DAAD YOUNUNS HUSSEIN; Dhul-Azhan bin Abdul haleem


Opposites in Kitab ( al-Nihaya fi Gharib al-Hadith wa al-Athar) by Ibn al-Atheer al-Jazari

Pages 507-538
Abdul Raheem Ahmed Ismaeel


The key poem of the poet Bushra Al-Bustani An approach to interpretation and abstraction

Pages 536-556
Ikhlas Mahmoud Abdullah; Khalil Shukri Hayas


Caves and caverns in Modern Novel Text -Between myth and reality and symbol-

Pages 557-584
Mohamed Salih Rasheed Jarjees


The rhetorical term in the book Hassan Al-Tawassul to the industry Shihab al-Din Mahmoud al-Halabi (died 725 AH) Metonymy term as a model

Pages 585-607
Esraa Muhammad Riyad al-Karakji; Mazen Mowaffak Mowaffak


Intertextual Image in Aref Al-Saadi's Poetry Intertextual Image in Aref Al-Saadi's Poetry

Pages 608-629
Omar Adel Hamed Al-Rashidi; Jasim Mohammed Jasim

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