Preparation, Characterization and Evaluation Biological Activity of Cobalt (II) with Mixed Ligands complexes

Pages 1-18
Ahlam Mohammed Yaseen Al-Bayati; Zuhoor Fathi Dawood


Theoretical study of hydrogen adsorption on graphene nanostructures functionalized with nickel for solid state hydrogen storage

Pages 19-32
ameer albyatei; Issa Zainalabddeen assaflly


Estimating the Level of Some Inflammatory Cytokines in the Serum of Women Exposed to Abortion and the Relationship with Toxoplasmosis

Pages 33-41
Raqaa Alubaidi; Adeeba Shareef


An Overview of the Evolution of the Porous Silicon material: A review

Pages 42-52
Ghazwan Ghazi Ali; Marwan Hafeedh Younus; Ivan Karomi


Image Fusion by Shift Invariant Discrete Wavelet Transform for Remote Sensing Applications

Pages 53-66
Abdalrahman Ramzi Qubaa


Investigation of Important Fatty Acids in Biofuel Production From Number of Microalgae

Pages 67-78
Taha Abdulwahab Al-Someidae; Yousef Jabar Al-Shahery ‎; Qutaiba Shuaib Al-‎Nema


Numerical modeling negative corona under the influence of applied voltage variation

Pages 79-91
Hala Alnaemi; Qais Thanon Algwari


Study of Light Wavelength and Some Concentration Salts in Growth Medium on Growth, Protein and Nitrogen Content of Hapalosiphon arboreus 3OW05S02

Pages 92-103
Fatin Mahdi Saleh Al-Rashidy; Yousef Jabar Al-Shaheree


Electrical Conductivity of Oxadiazole and Triazole Polymer Content

Pages 104-120
Asaad Faisal Khattab; Aya Abdul Wahhab


Detection of Bacterial Contamination and Antibiotic Resistance at Neonate Intensive Care Units in Ibn Al-Atheer Teaching Hospital for Children

Pages 121-127
sahira adrees AL-sanjary; Fulla qaydar al-abas


Study the effect of gamma ray on silver nanoparticles prepared by pulse laser ablation in liquid technique (PLAL)

Pages 128-137
Mohammed Al-Maher; Najwa Al-Barhawi; Mushtaq Abed Al-Jubbori


Study of nuclear track parameters of normal incident alpha particles on CR-39 detector

Pages 138-147
Sabreen Malo; Yaser Qasim; Mushtaq Abed Al-Jubbori


Bayesian Approach for Analyzing Computer Models using Gaussian Process Models.

Pages 148-164
hasan Mohammedali Saeid; Younus Hazim Al-Taweel


Application of tight-binding method to calculate the band structure and the effect of pressure in crystal ZnSe

Pages 165-174
Hussein Ali Hussein Sultan; Mumtaz Mohammed Salih Hussien


Test of SU(3) limit of interactive boson model to study 158-170DY even-even isotopes

Pages 175-185
Murad Najem; Mushtaq Abed Al-Jubbori


Investigating indirect impacts of TCP connection on IMS network

Pages 186-195
Ali Abdulrazzaq K.

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