Steel Stiffeners for Enhancement of Slab-Column Connections

Pages 199-206
safa saib kadhim; Haider Ammash


Improving Gypseous Soil Properties by Using Non-Traditional Additives

Pages 207-213
Dhay Waddy Mohammed; Balqeea A. Ahmed; Maysam Th. AL-Hadidi


Assessment of Dowel Bars Performance in Concrete Pavement Containing Crumb Rubber of Tires

Pages 214-219
Muhaned G. Al-Khuzaie; Basim H. Al-Humeidawi; Ra'id F. Al-Sa'idi


Improving the Properties of Clay Soil by Using Literate Soil for Production of Bricks

Pages 220-224
Anteneh Geremew; Yibas Mamuye


Push-out Tests for Determining Shear Strength and Stiffness of Perfobond Connector-Experimental Study

Pages 225-231
Khawla A. Farhan; Muhaned A. Shallal


Mass Transfer Coefficient Study for Unloading of Naproxen from Activated Carbon as Drug Delivery

Pages 232-239
Shahad faiz Hameed; Salih A. Rushdi


Comparison the Performance Evaluation of Xgpon-Rof System with Wdm and Scm for Different Modulation Schemes

Pages 240-245
Muntadhar H. Ismeala; Bashar J. Hamzaa; Wasan Kadhim Saada


Numerical Study on The Structural Behavior of RC Beams after Exposure to Elevated Temperature

Pages 246-253
Sajida Kadhem Al-Jasmi; Haitham Al-Thairy


Improving Surface Properties of Inconel 600 Alloy by Electroless Ni-P Deposition

Pages 254-259
Hassan. H. Masallb; Kadhim F. Al-Sultani; Abdul Raheem K. Abid Ali

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