Tensile Strength of Core Build up Material to Glass Fiber Post with Different Surface Treatment

Pages 1-11
Eman M Yahya


Relationship of Lateral Dentoskeletal Morphology to Dental Crowding in Patients With Class II Malocclusions

Pages 12-22
Enas T Al-Jwary; Hind T Jarjees; Omar H. Alluazy


Effectiveness Of Low Level Diode Laser (1064) And Acyclovir in Treatment Of Recurrent Herpes Labialis. (Comparative Clinical Study)

Pages 23-31
Ahmed S Khudhur; Zaid A Alshamaa; Gassan Y Hamed


Evaluation of Antibacterial Efficacy Against Enterococcus Faecalis of Newly Prepared Endodontic Irrigant Solution (an Invitro study)

Pages 32-43
Nawfal A. zakarea; Talal H Mohamad; Amer A. Taqa


Histopathological Study of 5−Fluorouracil with and without Folic Acid administration on The Gastric Mucosa of Male Rabbits

Pages 44-57
Alhan Daham Al –Moula


Orthodontic Treatment of Unilateral Impacted Complete Transposed Maxillary Canine and Impacted Dilacerated Maxillary central incisor

Pages 58-67
Hakam H Sabah; Saba H. Al–Zubaidi; Omar H. Alluazy


The effect of some chemical disinfection solutions on the color stability of vinyl addition cured silicon

Pages 68-75
Ibtehal H AL –Zubaidy


Pre-Emptive Analgesic Effect of Tramadol and Ibuprofen After Impacted Mandibular Third Molar Extraction

Pages 76-85
Bara S Minwah


Evaluation of the Absorbance and Transmittance of the Optical Light for Three Different Types of Composite Resin Stored in Artificial Saliva (in vitro study)

Pages 86-97
Rajaa T. Suliman


The Use of Three Different Suturing Techniques for Wound Closure of Mucoperiosteal Flaps After Surgical Removal of Impacted Lower Wisdom Teeth (Comparative Study)

Pages 98-107
Ziad H Delemi

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