The Effect of Laser Welding on the Tensile Strength and Radiographic Analysis of Co-Cr Repaired Joints

Pages 1-13
Nadira A Hatim; Nazar Gh Jameel; Abdullah J Mohammed


Prospective Clinical Trial Comparing Lin-gualized Occlusion to Balanced Occlusion in Complete dentures: Case Report

Pages 14-23
Nadira A. Hatim; Ahmed A. Alubaid


Impact Strength of Maxillary Complete Dentures Fabricated From Different Heat Cured Acrylic Resin Denture Base Materials

Pages 24-31
Mohammed A Abdulla


A Cephalometric Comparison of Pharynx and Soft Palate in Iraqi Adolescents and Adults Population

Pages 32-42
Nada M Al-Sayagh


Evaluation of Canine Tipping During its Retraction with Sliding Mechanics.(An in Vitro Study)

Pages 43-51
Nada M Al-Sayagh; Afnan J Ismael


Changes in Body Weight, Serum (Sodium, Potassium) and Serum Albumin after Intermaxillary Fixation in Traumatized and Obese Patients (Comparative Study)

Pages 52-56
Wael Sheet; Mohmmed K Hassouni


Evaluation of the Bond Strength of Three Soft Lining Materials to Acrylic Resin Denture Base

Pages 57-65
Munther N Kazanji; Asmaa A Abid Al-Kadder


Effect of Stress on the Composition and Flow Rate of Saliva

Pages 66-70
Karama M T Al-Nuaimy; Isra H Al-Hamdani; Nahla O M Tawfik


A Comparative Study of Tooth Size and Dental Arch Dimensions between Iraqi Arabs and Kurds with Class I Normal Occlusion

Pages 71-79
Alaa D Mahmood


Comparison of Lateral Cephalometric Analysis among the Conventional, Digital and Hardcopy Cephalographs

Pages 80-88
Khudair A Salman; Ruba J Muhammad


Bond Strength of Aluminum Oxide Surface Treatment on Sandwich Restoration

Pages 89-95
Nadia H Hasan; Sawsan H Al–Jubori; Maha A AL-Murad


The Use of Single Versus Multiple Doses Cefotaxime as a Prophylactic Antibiotic in Maxillofacial Fractures

Pages 96-101
Atalla Rejab; Mohmmed K Hassouni


Effect of at Home Dental Bleaching and the Use of Antioxidant on Microleakege of Fissure Sealant : An in Vitro Study

Pages 102-108
Rayia J Al-Naimi


Relation of the Mandibular Canal to the Root Apices of Different Types of Impacted Lower 3rd Molar

Pages 109-114
Shahrazad S Saad; Asmaa B Al –Saffar; Bara S Minwah


The Effect of Hyaluronic Acid and Platelet - Rich Plasma on Soft Tissue Wound Healing: An Experimental Study on Rabbits

Pages 115-125
Wafaa K Fathi


The Effect of Various Surface Treatment Adhesives and Composite Materials on Repair Strength of Composite Resin

Pages 126-134
Nadia H Hasan


Cephalometric Characteristics of Bimaxillary Protrusion in Adolescents

Pages 135-141
Afnan J Ismael


The Effect of Different Water Types on The Water Powder Ratio of Dental Gypsum Products

Pages 142-147
Amer A Taqa; Nada Z Mohammed; Aliaa Alomari


Comparison Between Laceback and Tie-back in Sliding Mechanics (An in vitro study)

Pages 148-152
Khawla M Awni


Histometric Evaluation of Atenolol Effect on Developing Rat Dentition: Experimental Study

Pages 153-159
Asmaa S Al-Douri


Effect of Maggot (larva) Secretions on Bacterial Growth

Pages 160-164
Wisam M Al-Saeed; Hind J Mahmood


The Clinical Effect of Phenytoin on Oral Wound

Pages 165-170
Fayhaa AM Al- Mashhadane


The Success rate of Retrograde Filling Materials in Re-apicectomized Teeth using Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA) and Zinc free Amalgam (A comparative clinical study).

Pages 171-176
Bara S Minwah; Wael Sh Hussain; Hani M Khlaif


Evaluation of Lip Profile in Adolescent Subjects with Skeletal Class I Occlusion and Class III Malocclusion

Pages 177-184
Manar Y Abdul-Qadir; Saba H Al-Zubaidy; Raed Saeed


The Effectiveness of Using Pulpotec® in Treatment of Pulpitis by Pulpotomy of Vital Deciduous Molar and Vital Immature Permanent Molar

Pages 185-190
Khudhair A Al- Salman; Baydaa A Al-Rawi; Omar Rahawi


Evaluation of Dental Caries Prevalence among Children in Mosul City Center Using Significant Caries Index

Pages 191-197
Saher S Gasgoos; Ghada D Al-Sayagh; Karam Jazrawi

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