Success and Failure of Implant in Bounded and Free End Saddle Area

Pages 198-204
Nadira A Hatim; Rawa Y Al–Rawee; Bashar Tawfeeq


The Effect of Thyme and Nigella Oil on Some Properties of Acrylic Resin Denture Base

Pages 205-213
Nadira A Hatim; Amer A Taqa; Wafa Abbas; Arjwan M Shuker


Diseases of Salivary Glands: Review

Pages 214-230
Alhan D Al-Moula


Assessment of Sagittal Jaws Relationship in skeletal Class I Adolescents

Pages 231-237
Fadhil Y Jasim; Alaa Al-Dawoody; Manar Y Abdul-Qader


Recycling of Ceramic Bracket Using Burning Technique ( An in vitro study)

Pages 238-242
Omar H AL-Lwezy; Anas M AL-Mukhtar; Sarmad S Salih


Correlation of Vertical Dimensions of Soft Tissue Facial Profiles

Pages 243-253
Afrah Al–Hamdany; Nagham Kassab


Shear and Tensile Strengths of The Bonded Bracket to The Ceramic Surface

Pages 254-259
Hussain A Obaidi; Muzahim H Hanna


Effect of Cooling an Irrigation Solution During Preparation of Implant Site on Heat Generation Using Elite System for implant.(Experimental Study)

Pages 260-264
Abdulhameed N Al–Dabag; Ahmed A Sultan


Comparison of Rugae Pattern Between Dentate and Edentulous Patients in Iraqi Sample

Pages 265-271
Inas A Jawad


Changes of Teeth Inclination After Orthodontic Treatment of Class II Division 1 Malocclusion

Pages 272-280
Saad Gasgoos; Neam Al–Saleem; Nada M Al–Sayagh


Bond Strength Between Resin Composite and Glass Ionomer ( An in Vitro Study)

Pages 281-286
Nadia M. AL-Skakir; Neam N. Al-Yousifany; Maha A. Al-Murad; Saif M. AL-Skakir


Gag Problem in Dental Treatment Assessment and Methods to Control it.

Pages 287-291
Karama MT Al – Nuaimy


Effect of Tooth Paste and Mouth Wash on Brackets Dimension

Pages 292-297
Saba H Al–Zubaidi


An Investigation of Dentists Knowledge, Attitude and Practices towards HIV+ and Patients with other Blood Borne Viruses in Mosul City

Pages 298-308
Tahani A Al-Sandook; Rayia J Al-Naimi; Mohamed S Younis


Thermal Emission by Using Different Light Sources Unit which Used in Dentistry

Pages 309-313
Mona Y Shamon


Reinforced Microwave - Cured Acrylic Resin Denture Base Material with Glass Fibers

Pages 314-321
Radhwan H. Hasan; Mohammed A Abdulla


The effect of colored drinks on the surface hardness of composite resin.

Pages 322-331
Omar S Rahawi


Post- surgical outcomes and prognosis of intentionally replanted lower post-erior teeth

Pages 332-340
Wafaa k Abid


A Comparative Study of Curve of Spee and Arch Circumference Between Class I Nor-mal Occlusion and Class II Division 1 Ma-locclusion

Pages 341-347
Huda A Al-–Sarraf; Neam Agha; Alaa Al–Dawoody


Risk Factors Influence on the Prevalence and Severity of Root Caries in Mosul (Rural and Urban)

Pages 348-357
Aisha A Qasim


The Effects of Ginger, Diazepam and Metoclopramide in Patients Receiving Dental Treatment

Pages 358-365
Fayhaa AM Al – Mashhadane; Mohammad A Mohi–Al Deen


Evaluation of the Antibacterial Activity of Citrus Juices: An In Vitro Study

Pages 376-382
Nahla O Tawfik; Siba M Al-Haliem; Waidulla N Al-Ani


Inter Observer Agreement in Evaluating the Position, Shape and Appearance of Mental Foramen by Panoramic Radiography

Pages 383-389
Shahrazad Sami


Determination of Salivary pH in Patients With Recurrent Aphthous Ulceration (RAU)

Pages 390-393
Abbass F Al-Taee; Ahmed S Khudhur

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