Synthesis of five membered ring hetero cyclic compounds derived from methyl-6- methyl-2- oxo-4-substituted 1,2,3,4- tetrahydro pyrimidine-5-carboxylate

Pages 1-14
Shaima S. Ismmaeel


Physical and Chemical Methods Used for Determination of Structures of Some Imines Derived from Different Carbonyl Compounds

Pages 15-27
Adel S.P.Azzouz; D. B.T.Bakzo


Morphological study of flesh fly stages, Sarcophaga africa (Wiedemann) (Diptera: Sarcophagidae)

Pages 28-38
Abbas M. Faraj; Nabeel A. Mawlood


Heat Shock Stimulate Division of Hypocotyle Suspension Culture of Dianthus caryophyllus L.

Pages 39-47
Sahla Mohamed Zeadan


Better Adaptive Text Compression Scheme

Pages 48-57
Duha Amir Sultan


Development a Hybrid Conjugate Gradient Algorithm for Solving Unconstrained Minimization Problems

Pages 58-70
Sawsan S. Ismael; Basim A. Hassan


The chemical, physical and biological properties of the well water of some villages in Sinjar area and their validity for drinking, irrigation and industrial purposes

Pages 1-19
Afaf Abdullah


Modification of the Rheological properties of Baiji asphalt using a chemical system (sulfur: epoxy)

Pages 20-29
Ammar Hamdoun; Moafeq Rabeea


Study the phenomenon of the occurrence of ectopic cells and their treatment by applying the cathodic protection principle using different media and poles

Pages 30-46
Ebtihaj Suliaman; Layth Qasem


The ability of some physical and biological methods to improve the quality of well water

Pages 47-60
Abdulazeez Taleea; Noor Sadeq


Viability of earthworm breeding for one, two and three months in soil treated with different concentrations of polluted water

Pages 61-74
Safaa Mahmoud; Adnan mohammed


Study the inhibitory effect of mother's milk and its comparison with colostrum in isolates of Candida albicans isolated from patients with oral candidiasis in Mosul city and their effect on phospholipase production

Pages 75-94
Rafea Mohammed; Rafeah Jarjees


Effect of ultrasound waves against infection with giardiasis in Rattus norvegicus rats.

Pages 95-109
Asmaa Ali; Hiba Khudher


Measurement of some physiological variables and electrolytes in the blood and serum of athletes exposed to different efforts

Pages 110-117
Mahmood Es Al-Jebouri


Minimize the sum of the error boxes in the multi-linear regression model using the genetic algorithm

Pages 118-129
Hamsa Mohammed


Analyze video image fabric using Gabor filter to identify the target and track its motion

Pages 130-145
Abeer Thannon


The use of ants algorithm in the detection and classification of intrusion in computer networks

Pages 146-168
Najlaa Ibraheem; Mahmoud Mahmoud

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