Effect of spraying of Potassium and Iron on some quality and yield traits of tomato (Lycopersicon Esculentum Mill.) in plastic house

Pages 1-14
Mohammad T. Abo Al-Mikh; Sabah L. Assi; Hameed K. Abdul-Ameer


Effect of integrated fertilization between foliar and soil in some parameters of growth and yield of Cucumber Cucumis sativus L. under unheated plastic house condition

Pages 15-38
Jamal Ahmed Abbass; Sabreen Sabah Toman ALghazaly


Effect of bio and organic fertilization on the growth of Pomelo seedlings Citrus grandis L. grafted on different rootstocks

Pages 39-60
Faris Faisal Abdulghani AL-Zuhairi; Ghaleb Bhew Abod AL- Abbasi


The effect of biocontrol agents Cheatomumg lobosum and Trichoder makoningii fungi in the growth of tomato plants and vigitative disease which growning in separated culture medium

Pages 79-98
Abdulnabi A. Matrood


Effect of Substrate Type, Supplement and Spawn Level in Some Phenotypic and Productively Characteristics of Oyster mushroom (Pleurotus sapidus)

Pages 99-123
Thamer Hammed Khalil AL-Salihy


Induced systemic resistance in pepper plant aginst pepper mosaic virus by using biological control agents

Pages 124-149
Fdhel AL-Fadhel; Ammar- Alhares


Effect of adding different levels of flaxseed oil to the diet in some characteristic of Ostrich eggs in Iraq

Pages 150-173
Hazim Jabbar Al-Daraji


Effects of adding different levels of lycopene to the diet in weights of egg yolk, egg albumen , egg shell and yellow pigment concentration in egg yolk for local Iraqi geese.

Pages 174-186
Yahya Abbas Mirdas Al- Janabi


Effect of supplementation different level of herbal methonine as substitute synthetic methionine on the productive performance of Japanese Quail (Coturnix.Coturnix Japonica).

Pages 187-213
Sunbul Jassim Hamodi; Haider Falah Owda AL-Amidi


Effect of adding different level of (Bee propolis) powder or (Bee Pollen) powder or their mixture synergy to the diet in some blood-biochemical parameters for broiler chickens

Pages 214-233
Rokan Awadh Khalaf AL-Hamdani


Survey to weeds related to wheat plant Triticum aestivum L . in some fields in Al-Hira district of Najaf governorate

Pages 235-242
Hayder Azeez Ali AL-Shebly


Evaluate the efficiency of Mycorrhizae Glomus mosseae in controlling of root rot disease caused by Rhizoctonia solani and reducing the water stress of Maize under field condition

Pages 243-266
Azhar Enad Mahdi; Alaa Eadan Hassan


Study of the Economic Feasibility to a Complete Farm Project in Kufa

Pages 267-294
Abd AlWahab M. Jawad Almusawy; Ahmad Majeed M. Dewan

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