The evaluation effect of TiO2 nano particles on different bacterial strains isolated from water purification stations in Baghdad

Pages 2378-2385
Kadhim H.Yaseen; Amna M. Ali; Neihaya H. Zaki


Effect of growth media components and growth condition on indole – 3 – acetic acid (IAA) production by Pseudomonas putida isolated from soil

Pages 2386-2395
Hadeel D. Hashim; Fatimah G. Adnan; Sarah M. Tawfeeq; Hala M. Radif


A chemotaxonomical Study of Four Species Belonging the Genus Arabis L. Cruciferae (Brassicacae) in Iraq

Pages 2396-2405
Aven Nozad Adham; Bnar Kh. Bakr; Jawhar F. Saeed


The role of Helicobacter pylori infection in skin disorders

Pages 2406-2411
Tasneem Z. Abd-Alrahman; Rana S. Aboud; Saife D. Al-Ahmer; Talib Y. Muhammad


The influence of some amino acids,vitamins and anti-inflammatory drugs on activity of chondroitinase produced by Proteus vulgaris caused urinary tract infection

Pages 2413-2421
Bahaa A. Laftaah AL-Rubaii; Mokhtar J. kadhim AL-Imam


Effect of DAP (P21%) Fertilizer on Total Saliva officinalis Flavonoid Content

Pages 2422-2428
Suad Mohammed Majeed; Zainab Yaseen Mohammed Hassan


Effect of Solvent type and Annealing Temperature on Efficiency for Eosin -y Dye Sensitized Solar Cells

Pages 2429-2435
Dheyaa B. Alwan


Study the Effect of Deposition Location on the Optical Properties of CuO Absorption Layer Prepared by Fully Computerized Spray Pyrolysis Deposition

Pages 2436-2443
Mohammed Sh. Essa; Baha T. Chiad


Evaluation of Some Geotechnical Properties of Chosen Soils From Al- Massab Al-Aam channel Slopes (Middle Sector) of Iraq.

Pages 2444-2456
Jaffar H. Alzubaydi; Haider A. Alamar; Saad N. Al saadi


Subsurface Investigation of Merjan oil field Depending on 3D Seismic Reflection Central Iraq

Pages 2457-2469
Salman Z. Khorshid; Haitham Dawood Alki; Abdalkarim Mohammad Zaid


The State of the Main Basement Features of the Western Desert of Iraq, A New Look

Pages 2470-2477
Fitian R. Al-Rawi; Dhiya A. Al-Mashiekhy


Inorganic Geochemistry and Origin of Bitumen Intruded in Euphrates and Fatha Formations in Hit Area, Western Iraq

Pages 2478-2489
Salih Muhammad Awadh; Zinah Saleem Al-Ankaz


Analysis of Hierarchical Routing Models

Pages 2490-2501
Ahmad M. Hailan


Hiding and Encryption of Secret Image Using Secret Sharing Scheme

Pages 2502-2512
Yossra Hussain Ali; Hussein Jaeiz Mankhi


AHeuristic Strategy for Improving the Performance of Evolutionary Based Complex Detection in Protein-Protein Interaction Networks

Pages 2513-2528
Qusay Z. Abdullah; Bara; a Ali Attea


Improving Security of ID Card and Passport Using Cubic Spline Curve

Pages 2529-2538
Dhiaa Mohammed Abed; Abdul Mohsen Jaber; Ayad Rodhan


Community Tracking in Time Evolving Networks: An Evolutionary Multi-objective Approach

Pages 2539-2548
Bara A. Attea; Haidar S. Khoder


Design recommendation system in e-commerce site

Pages 2549-2556
Shaymaa Ashor; Ayad R. Abbas


Geomatics correction model for GPS data using RTK-DGPS survey

Pages 2557-2565
Faleh H.Mahmood; Alaa A.Hussein


The Use of Geographic Information System Facilities to Estimate the Evapotranspiration in Iraq According to Thornthwaite Adjusted Formula

Pages 2566-2574
Laith A. Jawad

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