Synthesis, Characterization and Evaluation of Some Pyranopyrazoles and Pyranopyrimidines Derivatives as Antioxidants for Lubricating Oils

Pages 1-11
Mohammed R. Ahmad; Abdul Halim A-K Mohammed; Yousif Ali; Zainab A. K. Al-Messri


Determination of Atenolol in pharmaceutical formulations by continuous flow injection analysis via turbidimetric (T180o) and scattered light effect at two opposite position (2N90o ) using Ayah 4SW-3D-T180 -2N90 -Solar - CFI Analyser

Pages 12-26
Nagam S. Turkey Al-Awadie; Ahmed F. Khudhair


Spectrophotometric Determination of Thymol in Pharmaceutical Preparations Via Oxidative Coupling Reaction with 2,4- dinitrophenylhydrazine in the Presence of Potassium Periodate

Pages 27-34
Ghadah Fadhil


Immunohistochemical Expression of Bcl3 in Human Breast Carcinoma

Pages 35-39
Reyadh Salim Al-Jubouri; Faeza Aftan Al-Rawi; Ali Hussien Al-Khafaji


Methicillin resistance and enterotoxigenicity of Staphylococci isolated from milk and white cheese in Iraq

Pages 40-49
Marwa. H. Al-Khafaji; May.T. Flayyih; Majeed. A. Sabah


Evaluation of the activity of crude alkaloids extracts of Zingiber officinale Roscoe, Thymus vulgaris L. and Acacia arabica L. as coagulant agent in lab mice

Pages 50-60
Zahraa Abdul-Elah Al-Naqqash; Abdul-Latif M. Jawad; Ayyad Wajeeh Raaof


Extraction, purification and characterization of lipoxygenase from Pleurotus ostreatus.

Pages 61-69
Qabass L. Abdullah; Mona H. AL-Jibori; Sanad B. AL-Arrji


Study adhesion ability of of Aeromonas hydrophila strains isolated from raw and drinking water in Baghdad city

Pages 70-83
SanaaR.Eliwi; Rashid M.Musleh; Majeed A. Sabah


Physico-chemical and Biological Variables of Hospitals Wastewater in Erbil City

Pages 84-92
Rana J. Aziz; Fawzi S. Al-Zubaidy; Harith J. Al-Mathkhury; John Musenga


Study the effect of Lysostaphin, on methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus( MRSA) biofilm formation

Pages 93-100
Elaf B. Nori AL-Sheikh; Hana S. Yosif


Effect of Toxoplasmosis Infection on Liver and Kidney Functions among Pregnant Women in Abo-Gharib District- Iraq

Pages 101-105
Suha Abdul-Khaliq Al-Jowari; Dina Khudhair Hussein


Pollutionary effect of the Medical city waste water on the Tigris river bacterial indicators on Baghdad city

Pages 106-112
Warqa; a N. Maalah; Muhammed N. ALAzzawi


Bioremediation of Polluted Water with Crude Oil in South Baghdad Power Plant

Pages 113-122
Akram R. Yasin; Shihab Ahmed Salman; Ithar kamil Al-Mayaly


The removal of Zinc, Chromium and Nickel from industrial waste water using Corn cobs

Pages 123-131
Ali S. M; Khalid A. R; Majid R.M


Immunohistochemical Study of Estrogen, Progesterone Receptor and Her-2neu Oncogene with Her-2neu Biomarker Estimation by ELISA Technique in Primary Breast Cancer before Chemical Therapy

Pages 132-144
Ali H. Al-Khafaji; Ayad M.A. Fadhil; Mohammed A. Hameed


Sequence Variation and Phylogenetic Relationships Among Ten Iraqi Rice Varieties Using RM171 Marker

Pages 145-150
Abdul Kareem Abdulrazak Al-kazaz


Inelastic longitudinal electron scattering C2 form factors in 48Ca nucleus by using sigma meson as a residual interaction.

Pages 151-160
Firas Z. Majeed; Sadeq S. Mashaan


The Formation Models of Gypsum Barrier, Chemical Temporal Changes and Assessments the Water Quality of Sawa Lake, Southern Iraq

Pages 161-173
Salih Muhammed Awadh; RuaaIssa Muslim


Delineation of groundwater aquifers using VES and 2D imaging techniques in north Badra area, Eastern Iraq

Pages 174-183
Jassim M. Thabit; Mohammed M. AL-Hameedawie


Integration Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques to Evaluate Land Use-Land Cover of Baghdad Region and Nearby Areas

Pages 184-192
Mousa Abdulateef Ahmed; Walid A. Ahmad


Use GIS to Draw the concentrations Maps of the Heavy Elements and Boron of Groundwater In Southwest Karbala Governorate/Iraq

Pages 193-201
Raad M.Wafur; Ahmed A.Mustafa; Ibraheem A.Halub


A Modified Hestenes-Stiefel Conjugate Gradient Method and its Global convergence for unconstrained optimization

Pages 202-217
Ghada M. Al-Naemi


Modules With Chain Conditions On δ -Small Submodules

Pages 218-223
Wasan Khalid Hasan; Sahira Mahmood Yaseen


A Genetic Algorithm for Minimum Set Covering Problem in Reliable and Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks

Pages 224-240
Bara; a A. Attea; Sarab M. Hameed


Intrusion Detection Approach Based on DNA Signature

Pages 241-250
Sarab M. Hameed; Omar Fitian Rashid


Molecules mixture model to explain the nature of interstellar matter

Pages 251-257
Layth M. Karim; Nadhem H. Hyder; Haydar R. Al-Baqir


Study of Sunspot Effect on Radio Jove Telescope Observation

Pages 258-267
Kamal M. Abood; Noor M. Ebadi


Thermal Emission from Binary Millisecond Pulsar Stars (MSPs)

Pages 268-275
Sundus A. Abdullah Albakri


Video Image Compression Using Absolute Moment Block Truncation Method with Orthogonal Search Motion Estimation Technique

Pages 276-282
Ebtesam Fadhel Kanger; Israa.J. Muhsin; Ban Abdul Rzzak Abbas


AL-Dibdiba Formation Basin Hydrological Aspects Extraction Using GIS techniques and Quantitative Morphometric Analysis

Pages 283-294
Mustafa A. Hassan; Laith A. Jawad

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