Synthesis and Characterization Nano Structure of MnO2 via Chemical Method

Pages 946-950
Khitam S. Shaker; Alyaa H. AbdAlsalm


A Mixture between Rule 90 and Rule 150 Cellular Automata as a Test Pattern Generator

Pages 951-956
Sahar Z. Alawey


Investigation of Addition Different Fibers on the Performance of Cement Mortar

Pages 957-965
Ahmed Al-Ghaban; Hussein Jaber; Aya A. Shaher


Realization of Direct Linear Relation Between Control Voltage and Resonance Frequency of the LC Voltage Controlled Oscillator

Pages 966-971
Azzad B. Saeed


Mechanical and Acoustic Properties of Composite Material in a Secondary Roof to Reducing the Cooling Load

Pages 972-978
Nassr F. Hussein; Aseel J. Mohammed; Hatam K. Kadhom


Grasping Force Controlling by Slip Detection for Specific Artificial Hand (ottobock 8E37)

Pages 979-984
MOFAQ ALI TWFEQ; Ihsan A. Baqer; Asaad D. Abdulsahib


Effect of Friction Stir Processing (FSP) to the Some Properties of Pure Copper Welded by Friction Stir Welding

Pages 985-990
Mais A. Abdulkareem


Investigation and Analysis of Force Production Mechanism for Partitioned Stator Flux Reversal Permanent Magnet Linear Machine

Pages 991-996
Ahlam L. Shuraiji; Zi Qiang Zhu


A Compact Dual-Band BPF Based on Open Loop Resonator for Satellite Communication Applications

Pages 997-1001
Ali J. Salim; Aya N. Alkhafaji; Mushtaq A. Alqaisy


Energy Saving in Power Consumption by Using Double Glazing Windows in Iraq

Pages 1002-1007
Walaa M. Hashim; Hisham A. Hoshi


Biosorption Technique for Naphthalene Removal from Aqueous Solution By Chara sp., Algae

Pages 1008-1015
Talib M Albayati; Khairi Kalash


Design and Performance Analysis of Contact Lens Materials for Chromatic and Polychromatic Aberrations Correction

Pages 1016-1021
Ali H. Al-Hamdani

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