Enhancing of Crushed Brick Aggregate Concrete by Adding Alkalis

Pages 554-559
S.A. Hameed


Simulation of Contaminants Transport and Groundwater Flow for Basrah Landfill Site

Pages 560-570
A.A. Al-Suraifi


Analysis of the Influence of Different EDM Parameters Using Taguchi Technique

Pages 571-577
S.H. Aghdeab; I.A. Qasim


Investigation of Corrosion Behavior for Copper-Based Shape Memory Alloys in different Media

Pages 578-586
E.S. Al-Hassani; A.H. Ali; S.T. Hatem


Effect of Friction on the Dynamical Analysis of Three-Link Planar Robot Arm by Using Lagrange Approach

Pages 587-592
R.M. Hussein


Comparative Study of Bearing Loads for Open Ended Pipe and H-Piles in Sandy Soil

Pages 593-601
M.A.M. Al-Neami; M.H. Wasmi


The Effect of Speed Smart Control System SSCS on the Performance of Hydropower System

Pages 602-608
T.Z. Farge; A.J. Owaid; M.A. Qasim


A Cognitive Nonlinear Trajectory Tracking Controller Design for Wheeled Mobile Robot based on Hybrid Bees-PSO Algorithm

Pages 609-616
A.S. Al-Araji; N.Q. Yousif


The Influence of Area Ratio, Temperature and Rotational Speed on Galvanic corrosion between Law Alloy Steel–Copper couple in 4%NaCl Solution

Pages 617-623
S.A. Jafar


Digital Modulation Recognition in Noisy Environment Using a Learning Machine

Pages 624-633
M.A. Shakir; S.H. Haji; B.K. AL-Sulaifanie


Implementation of Mobile Robot’s Navigation using SLAM based on Cloud Computing

Pages 634-639
H.M. Hasan; T.H. Mohammed


Mechanical Properties of Unsaturated Polyester Filled With Silica Fume, Glass Powder and Carbon Black

Pages 640-647
A.H. Majeed; S.Q. Ibrahim


Study the Effect of Multilayer Single Point Incremental Forming on Tool Path Mark for AA1050 bottom plates

Pages 648-652
A.H. Abed; A.S. Bedan; M.F. Noori


Experimental Study of the Performance Water Distillation Device by Using Solar Energy

Pages 653-659
T. Z. Farge; K. F.Sultan; A.M. Ahmed


Adaptive Noise Cancellation Using Noise Dependent Affine Projection Algorithm

Pages 660-667
A.O. Abid Noor

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