Intervening of Electrochemical Machining Parameters on Particle Size of ZnO Powder and Metal Removal Rate

Pages 431-438
H.S. Mohammed; S.K. Shather


Performance of Self-Compacting Concrete Containing Pozzolanic Materials in Aggressive Environment

Pages 439-444
L.A. Zghair; Q.J. Frayyeh; M.M. Salman


Behavior of Piled Raft Foundation Model Embedded within a Gypseous Soil Before and after Soaking

Pages 445-455
N.A. Ab-dullah; M.R. Mahmood; H.H. Baqir


A Small Design of Ultra-Wideband Printed Antenna with Notched and Raked Planar Patch

Pages 456-464
R.A. Fayadh


Mechanical and Physical Properties of Nano Carbon Tube with Carbon Fiber Reinforced with Polyester Resin

Pages 465-472
M. Subhi; E. S. AL-Hassani; A.B. Abdul-Hussein


Optimal LQR Controller Design for Wing Rock Motion Control in Delta wing Aircraft

Pages 473-478
B.F. Midhat


Experimental Research on Tension Lap Splice in Reactive Powder Concrete Beams Exposed to Repeated Loading

Pages 479-484
Q.A-M. Hassan; H.M. AlHassani; F.F. Saleem


High Voltage Gain Impedance-Source Indirect Matrix Converter

Pages 485-492
A.A. Sagger; O.A. Ahmed


An Experimental Investigation on the Performance Enhancement of Photovoltaic/Thermal Panel Using a Tracking System and Nanofluid (Al 2O3)

Pages 493-508
H.A. Hussein; A.H. Numan; A.R. Abdulmunem


Efficiency Analysis of Healthcare Sector

Pages 509-515
A.A. Mohammed Ali; A.H. Kassam


Electrical Laser Alarm System for Controlling the Buckling Failure of 304 Stainless Steel under Shot Peening Treatment

Pages 516-524
A. I. Hussain; F. A. K. Fattah; A. J. Alkawi; H. J. M. Al


Enhancing Photoelectric Conversion Efficiency of Photovoltaic Panel Using Cooled Water by Evaporation

Pages 525-531
A.J. Kadem; S. R. Fafraj; I A. Hasan


ARDUINO Microcontroller Based Building Security System

Pages 532-536
I. Abdul-Rahman; J.N. Shehab; H.R. Hatem


Variation of Heat Transfer Coefficient for Inside and Outside Closed Space with Respect to Temperature Gradient for Three Different Metals

Pages 537-545
M.M. Hamadi; Z.H. Mohsein


Optimization of MRR and Surface Roughness for 7024 AL-alloy in EDM Process

Pages 546-553
M.M. Abdulrazaq; S.K. Ghazi

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