Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Piled Raft Foundation Embedded within Partially Saturated Soil

Pages 97-105
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Effect of Surfactant Additives on Phase Inversion in Oil-Water Pipe Flow System

Pages 106-110
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Controlling of Time-Overrun in Construction Projects in Iraq

Pages 111-117
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Effect of SiC Particulate on Glass Fibers Reinforced Polymer Composites in Erosive Wear Environment

Pages 118-123
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Study the Effect of Nano Ceramic Particles on Some Physical Properties of Acrylic Resins

Pages 124-129
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Heat Transfer Performance Improvement in the Split Units in Humid Environment through Drain Water Circulation

Pages 130-133
M.A.H. Alzuhairi


Treatment of Wastewater from Oil Refinery by Adsorption on Fluidized Bed of Stem Date

Pages 134-138
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Recovery of Cobalt and Lithium from Spent Lithium Ion Batteries

Pages 139-148
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Brazing of Pure Aluminum by Aluminum Silicon Filler Metal Alloys

Pages 149-154
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Improved Sliding Mode Controller for a Nonlinear System Based on a Particle Swarm Optimization Technique

Pages 155-162
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Study the Effect of adding Natural Rubber and Polymethyl Methacrylate to the Epoxy Resin on the Quantitative Analysis and its Mechanical Properties

Pages 163-171
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Seepage Analysis through an Earth Dam (KHASA-CHAI Dam) as a Case Study

Pages 172-181
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