Marshall Characteristic for Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement

Pages 200-208
Ayman A. Abdul Mawjoud; Noor Adel Ismaeel


GIS Based Project Information System for Construction Management

Pages 209-218
Tariq A. khaleel; Salah A. Salih; Hiba O. Ghaeb


Effect of NaCl Solution Addition on Improving Some of the Physical Properties of Nylon 6 Solutions used for Electro spinning Purpose

Pages 1265-1274
Fadhil A. Chayad; Akram R. Jabur; Noor M .Jalal


Constant Fatigue Life Under Laser Shot Peening Using Different Surface Coatings

Pages 1275-1283
Alakawi H.J.M; Bashar A. Bedaiw; Adel A. Mahmood


Effect of Sever Plastic Deformation on The-Microstructure of Al-Si/Mg2Si in Situ Composites

Pages 1284-1293
Nawal Ezzat Abdul-Latiff; Israa Abdul-Kadir; Mohammed Hadi Ali


Flexural Strength and Ductility of CFRP Strengthened Reinforced Concrete Beams

Pages 1294-1307
Bayan S. Al-Numan; Jamal A. Farhan; Othman K. Ali


Experimental Study on Compressibility, Volume Changes, Strength and Permeability Characteristics of Unsaturated Bentonite-Sand Mixtures

Pages 1308-1323
Mohammed Y. Fattah; Nahla M. Salim; Entesar J. Irshayyid


Effect of Laser Wavelengths on the Silver Nanoparticles Size Prepared by PLAL

Pages 1324-1334
Mohammed J. Haider; Mohammed S. Mahdi


Plug Length Developed in Pipe Pile Embedded Within Partially Saturated Cohesionless Soils (Part 1)

Pages 1335-1346
Mahmood Rashid Mahmood; Karim H. Ibrahim Al -Helo; Ali M. AL-Gharbawee


A Cantor Fractal Based Printed Monopole Antenna for Dual-band Wireless Applications

Pages 1347-1359
Mohammed R. Hussan


Inverse Kinematics Solution of Robot Manipulator End- Effector Position Using Multi-Neural Networks

Pages 1360-1368
Firas A. Raheem; Azad R. Kareem; Amjad J. Humaidi


Prioritizing of Risk Factors by using Failure Mode and Effect Analysis in the Iraqi Construction Industry

Pages 1369-1382
Hatim A. Rashid; Mohammed k. AL- Mhdawi


Optimization the Resistance Spot Welding Parameters of Austenitic Stainless Steel and Aluminum Alloy Using Design of Experiment Method

Pages 1383-1401
Sabah Khammass Hussein; Osamah Sabah Barrak


Effect of Micro Powder on Mechanical and Physical Properties of Glass Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composite

Pages 1402-1414
Aseel Basim Abdul-Hussein; Fadhel Abbas Hashim; Tamara Raad Kadhim


Using Balanced Scorecard for Measuring “Baghdad Soft Drinks Company” Performance

Pages 1415-1426
May George Kassir; Reem Raad Jassim


Generation and Transmission of Optical Solitons in Ultrahigh Speed Long-Haul Systems

Pages 1427-1438
Ali Y. Fattah; Noor Q. Flaih


Surface Modification of Red Brass Alloy by Using Laser Technique

Pages 1439-1444
Abdulhadi Kadhim; Inmar N.Ghazi; Amjed Razzaq.Hussein


Drawing of Hexagonal Cup

Pages 1445-1456
Waleed Khalid Jawed; Sabih Salman Dawood


Preparation and Characterization of Biomedical Ni-Co-Al Shape Memory Alloys

Pages 1457-1472
Emad S. Al-Hassani; Sahib M. Al-Saffar; Zena Abdul Ameer


Modeling and Optimization of Machine Parameters Using Simulated Annealing Algorithm (SAA)

Pages 1473-1482
Aqeel Sabree Bedan; Alaa Hassan Shabeeb; Hassan Nemaha Al-Sobyhawe

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