Digital Map of The Distribution of Metals In Iraq Using Geographic Information System Techniques

Pages 37-46
Alaa Dawood Salman; Yousif Husian Khalf; Nagham Amer Abedlateef


Assessment of Heavy Metals Pollution in Soil Affected by Industrial Activities

Pages 526-534
Riyad Al-Anbari; Abdul Hameed M.J. Al Obaidy; Fatima H. Abd Ali


Prediction of Fatigue-Creep Interaction Life of Aluminum Alloy AA7349 Using Electromechanical Devices

Pages 535-547
Hussain J. Al-Alkawi; Fikrat Abdul Kareem; Asmaa Abdulqasim Mohammed Ali


Adaptive Antenna Capabilities In GSM Systems Performance Improvement

Pages 548-559
Adheed Hasan Sallomi; Hussein Ali Hussein


Comparison between Wavelet and Radial Basis Function Neural Networks for GPS Prediction

Pages 560-572
Farag Mahel Mohammed; Sameir A. Aziez; Huda Naji Abdul-Rihda


Behavior of Reinforced Height Strengthened Concrete one Way Slabs Strengthened with CFRP Sheets

Pages 573-589
Mazen D. Abdulah


Effect of Vibration on the Heat Transfer Process in the Developing Region of Annulus with Rotating Inner Cylinder

Pages 590-611
Mauwafak A. Tawfik; Akeel A. Mohammed; Hayder Zuhair Zain


Study the Robustness of Automatic Voltage Regulator for Synchronous Generator Based on Neuro-Fuzzy Network

Pages 612-627
Abdulrahim Thiab Humod; Yasir Thaier Haider


Improving Displacement Efficiency of An Iraqi crude Oil by Surfactant

Pages 628-634
Raad Mohamed J- Alkhalssi; Essam Abdul Jalilsaeed; Mohamed Ghazi Khalid


Mechanical Properties for Polymer Hybrid Composites Reinforced by Fibers and Particles

Pages 635-643
Ruaa Haitham Abdel-Rahim


Management of Salinity Issues in Iraq's Agricultural Sector Using SWOT Analysis

Pages 644-658
Adnan Zowain; Alhassan H. Ismail


New Technique for Producing Vacuum Concrete

Pages 659-667
Haitham Hazim Saeed; Anas Amjed Ezzulddin


Aircraft Pitch Control Using Type-2 Fuzzy Logic

Pages 668-681
Yamama A.shafeek


Comparison of FFT-Based and DCT-Based Channel Estimation and ECC for OFDM System

Pages 682-693
Awatif Ali Jafaar


Experimental and FEM Study of Coated Inserts on Cutting Forces in Orthogonal Cutting

Pages 694-702
Maan A. Tawfiq; Basim S. Sahib


Detection of Buried Utilities Using Electrical Resistivity Imaging (ERI) Technique

Pages 703-719
Hussein H. Karim; Karim H. Ibrahim; Mohammad A. H. Al-Rubaye


Detection of Fibers Content in UHPC Slabs

Pages 720-728
Hussein Al-Quraishi


Effect Of Eigenfaces Level On The Face Recognition Rate Using Principal Component Analysis

Pages 729-737
Eyad. I. Abbas


Parametric Study of Continous Composite Steel-Concrete Beam with External Prestressing

Pages 738-752
Amer M. Ibrahim; Wissam D. Salman


Investigation of Wear Behavior of 1060 and 1095 Steels using Regression Analysis

Pages 753-761
Jamal Nasir Hussain Al Katib

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