Utilization of Remote Sensing Data and GIS Applications for Determination of the Land Cover Change in Karbala Governorate

Pages 2773-2787
Abdul Razzak T. Ziboon; Imzahim Abdulkareem Alwan; Alaa Ghadhban Khalaf


Investigation of the Total Energy Losses for Si and Sic Shottky Diodes

Pages 2788-2804
Brzo Aziz Qadir


Enhancement of a Power System Transient Stability Using Static Synchronous Compensator STATCOM

Pages 2805-2815
Naseer M. Yasin; Mustafa M. Al-Eedany


The Hydraulic and Environmental operation for the Main Outfall Drain, Ad Dalmaj Lake and Al Hammar Marsh System

Pages 2816-2838
Muhannad J. Al Kazwini; Mahmoud S. Al Khafaji; Khulood J. Hussain


Effect of Stress Level of Surrounding Soil on Bored Pile Capacity in Sand

Pages 2839-2859
Kais T. Shlash; Mohammed A. Mahmoud; Saif I. Akoobi


Hydrodynamics in a Trickle Bed Reactor

Pages 2860-2875
Muhammad Fadel Abd; Farah Talib Jasim; Luma Shihab Ahmed


Studying the Parameters of EDM Based Micro- Cutting Holes Using ANOVA

Pages 2876-2884
Shukry H. Aghdeab; Laith A. Mohammed


Experimental and Numerical Study of CO2 Corrosion in Carbon Steel

Pages 2885-2904
Dalia M. Jomaa; Ali H. Jawad; Rana A.Majed


Effect of Filler Type on some Physical and Mechanical Proparties of Carbon Fibers / Polyester Composites

Pages 2905-2924
Osama Sultan Muhammed; Abbas Khammas Hussein; Ruaa Haitham Abdel-Rahim


A Study of Mechanical Properties of Polymethl Methacrylate Polymer Reinforced by Silica Particles (Sio2)

Pages 2925-2940
Jawad Kadhim Oleiwi; Farhad Mohammad O.Kushnaw; Israa Faisal qhaze


Hydraulic Bulge Test of Al and Copper Tubes

Pages 2941-2959
Azal Rifaat Ismail; Sami Abbas Hammood


Reduction of Chemical Effects of Swelling and Shrinkage Phenomenaon of a Boiler in Steam Power Plants Using Silicon Antifoam

Pages 2960-2981
Raheek I. Ibrahim


Behavior of Steel Plate Girders with Web Openings Loaded in Shear

Pages 2982-2996
May J. Hamoodi; Marwa S. Abdul Gabar


Transparency as a Type of Articulation in Contemporary Architectural Production

Pages 264-283
Suha Hassan AL Dahwi; ZamanWaddaa Kadhem


Gear Design with the Aid of Computer and Drawing the Involutes Curve by Using ACAD

Pages 284-295
Abdulrahman A. Gatt

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