Numerical Investigation on the Performance of an External Compression Supersonic Air Intake Using By-Pass Technique

Pages 1011-1025
Jalal M. Jalil; Abdullateef A. Jadallah; Ahmed F. Mahdi


Neuro-Fuzzy Controller forMethanol Recovery Distillation Column

Pages 1026-1044
Safa A. Al-Naimi; Ghydaa M. Jaid


Optimal Design of Three-Phalanx Prosthesis Underactuated Fingers Using Genetic Algorithm

Pages 1045-1068
Sadeq H. Bakhy; Shaker S. Hassan; Somer M. Nacy; Alejandro Hernandez-Arieta; K. Dermitzakis


Artificial Groundwater Recharge in Iraq through Rainwater Harvesting (Case Study)

Pages 1069-1080
Ibtesam R. Kareem


Fracture Statistics of Porcelain Ceramic: The Influence of Zirconia Additive and Sintering Temperature

Pages 1081-1091
Fadhil A.Chyad


Effect of External Sulfate Attack on Self Compacted Concrete

Pages 1092-1106
Zena K. Abbas Al-Anbori


A VHDL Model for Implementation of MD5 Hash Algorithm

Pages 1107-1116
Mohammed A. Noaman


Studying some of the Geotechnical Properties of Stabilized Iraqi Clayey Soils

Pages 1117-1130
Ishraq Khudhair Abass


Evaluation of Acoustics Insulation and Thermal Conductivity through Walls in Building

Pages 1131-1150
Haqi Ismael Qatta


Comparative Investigation of Friction StirWelding and Tungsten Inert on Gas of 6061T651 Aluminum Alloy Mechanical Property and Microstructure

Pages 1151-1165
Samer Jasim Mahmood


Multi-Stages for Tuning Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) Using Genetic Algorithm (GA)

Pages 1166-1181
Ammar G. Samir


The Effect of Different Operating Parameters on the Corrosion Rate of Carbon Steel in Petroleum Fractions

Pages 1182-1193
Nagham Salman Hassan


Experimental Investigation of Minimum Fluidization Velocity in Three Phase Inverse Fluidized Bed System

Pages 1194-1203
Khawla A. Ali; Ali Huseein Jawad; Sarmad I. Ibrahim


Design and Implementation of an Interface Circuit for DC Motor Speed Control Using the PWM Technique

Pages 1204-1212
Firas Mohammed Ali Al-Raie


Computation of Energy Distribution as A Function of Wave-Vector (K) for Specifi c CNT Configuration

Pages 1213-1220
Hiba Hassan

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