Study of the Prodigiosin productivity from Serratia marcescens isolated from environmental and clinical sources and the effect on some microbial pathogens

Pages 767-771


Vibration Analysis of Exhaust Gas Silencer

Pages 772-798


Control of Separation For NACA 2412 Airfoil At Different Angles of Attack Using Air Blowing

Pages 5138-5150
Jalal M. Jalil; Assim H. Yousif; Yasser Ahmed Mahmood


Laser Surface Treatment for Anodizing Process of Aluminum Alloy

Pages 5151-5164
Ali.A.Abdul Hadi


Study of The Wear Rate of Some Polymer Materials In Different Conditions

Pages 5165-5170
Awham M. H; Sadeer M. M; Bushra H. M


Active Magnetic Bearing Design Optimization and Transient-State Analysis Using ANSYS

Pages 5171-5187
Adil H. Ahmed; Thamir M. Abdul Wahab


Analysis and Simulation of Shunt Active Power Filter For Harmonic Cancellation of Non Linear Loads

Pages 5188-5199
Ahmed M. Mohammed


Impact Resistance of Lightweight Chopped Worn-Out Tires Concrete

Pages 5200-5212
Zaid M. K. Al-Azzawi; Dhafir T. F. Al-Khameesi


Remote Sensing Model for Monitoring Trophic State of Al Huweizah Marsh

Pages 5213-5222
Abdul Razzak T. Ziboon; Riyadd Z.Al Zubaidy; Mahmoud S. Al Khafaji


An Effective Wireless Monitoring Tool (EWMT)

Pages 5223-5237
Afnan Adil Abd Alraheem; Shaimaa H. Shaker; Mumtaz M. AL-Mukhtar


Studying Some Of Mechanical properties Of (sawdust/Un Saturated Polyester) Composite in salt solution

Pages 5238-5245
Sanaa A. A. Hafad


Dynamic Analysis of Gough-Stewart Platform Manipulator

Pages 5246-5255
Muhsin N. Hamza; Hassan M. Alwan


Analysis Frequency Modulation Mode-Locked Fiber Laser by Using ABCD Rule

Pages 5256-5270
Jassim Kadim Hmood; Bushra R. Mahdi


A Numerical Model For Performance Prediction Of Dry Cooling Conditions Of Air Cooled Condensers In Thermal Power Plant Stations

Pages 5271-5291
Ali Hussain Tarrad


Design An Expert System To Detect The Errors In Logic Circuits

Pages 5292-5309
Eman Yousif Nasir


Effect of Current Density And Heat Treatment on The Electrodeposited Nickel Coated Bulk Graphite

Pages 5310-5316
Salam H.Al; Sabah M. Ali Radha; Farah A. Abed


Design of Low Dispersion Flattened Optical Fiber

Pages 5317-5326
Alaa Hussein Ali


Practical Application For Designing Quality House (Case Study)

Pages 5327-5345
Khalil I. Mahmoud; Zainab K. Hantoosh; Muslih Abdullah


Numerical Modelling of Transient Flow In Long Oil Pipe Line System

Pages 5346-5364
Shaker H. Aljanabi


Effects of Nano-Fluids Types, Volume Fraction of Nano-Particles, and Aspect Ratios on Natural Convection Heat Transfer in Right- Angle Triangular Enclosure

Pages 5365-5388
Israa Y. Daood

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