Heat Transfer Enhancement in a Duct with Two Right Angled Bends

Pages 4889-4909
Jalal M. Jalil; Talib K. Murtadha; Sanaa T. Mousa


Using 3D Analysis of GIS and Remote Sensing for Modeling Erbil Water Flow and Sewerage Network

Pages 4910-4925
Amjed Naser Mohsin


Determination of the Optical Constants of Thin-Film Coating Material Using Evolutionary Algorithm

Pages 4926-4938
Muhammed Abdul-Redha Hussain


Numerical and Experimental Studies of Two-Phase Flow in Cooled / and Adiabatic Capillary Tubes

Pages 4939-4958
Wahid S. Mohammad; Nazar F. Antwan; Zainalabdeen Hussein Obeed


New Short Term Planning and Scheduling Mathematical Model for Flexible Batch Manufacturing Systems

Pages 4959-4969
Alla El-Din H. Kassam; Maha Naji Ali


A Meromorphic Function and Its Derivative That Share One Value or Small Function

Pages 4970-4979
Amer H. H. Al-Khaladi


Simulation Design of A General Purpose Microprocessor Based on FPGA

Pages 4980-4991
Sabah Abdul-Hassan


A Proposed Genetic Algorithm for Multicast Routing

Pages 4992-4999
Muna Mohammed Al-Nayar; Abdul Kareem Mahmod Shukri


Influence of Cut Out Way on the Elastic-Plastic Behavior of AL-Cu Alloy

Pages 5000-5013
Farag M. Mohammed; Assifa M. Mohamad; Dunia H. Escander


Field Oriented Control For Three Phase Induction Motor Based On Full Neural Estimator And Controller

Pages 5014-5027
Fadhil A. Hassan


Quantitative Determination of Paracetamol in Pharmaceutical Formulations by FTIR Spectroscopy

Pages 5028-5035
Bashar Hussein Qasim


Influence of Butt Welding Shapes Design on the Microstructure and Stresses of Low Carbon Steel

Pages 5036-5047
Hani Aziz Ameen; Khairia Salman Hassan


Charpy Impact Value of Friction Stir Welded 7020 and 7075 Aluminium Alloys at Different Tool Rotation and Transverse Speed

Pages 5048-5054
Shawnim R. jalal


The Effect of Shot Peening and Residual Stresses on Cumulative Fatigue Damage

Pages 5055-5070
Hussain J. M. Alalkawi; Qusay Khalid Mohammed; Waleed Sadun Al-Nuami


Unscented Kalman Estimator for Estimating the State of Two-phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

Pages 5071-5078
Ayad Qasim Hussein


Design and Implementation of An Intelligent Traffic Light System

Pages 5079-5087
Hadeel N. Abdullah; Ivan A. Hashim; Bassam H. Abd


Evaluation The Performance of Al-Thawra At-Grade Intersection Using The HCS2000 Computer Package

Pages 5088-5101
Ali Majeed K.Al-Ubadiy; Zeena Tariq Al-Azzawi; Nawal Dawood S


Using B+ Tree To Represent Secret Messages For Steganography Purpose

Pages 5102-5112
Suhad M. Kadhem


Finite Element Analysis of Single Sided Linear Induction Motor

Pages 5113-5123
Adil H. Ahmad; Mehdi F. Bonneya


Experimental Study of The Effect of Addition of Calming Section on The Heat Transfer Process In A Uniformly Heated Inclined Tube

Pages 5123-5137
Nasser F. Hussain; Abdulhassan A. Karamallah; Akeel A. Mohammed