Isolation and Diagnosis of Bacteria Causing Urinary Tract Infection in PregnantWomen with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 and its Resistance to Antibiotics

Pages 577-594
Kholoud Hamed. Dekhel; Nihad Khalawi. Taktok


Study Effect Of The Change In Crystalline Growth To The Iraqi Petroleum Cake On The Electrical Properites

Pages 595-605
Salam Hussein. Ali; Huda Hussien. Jassim


Production of Corrosive Resistance Al-Brass Alloys Instead of Imported Alloys for Manufacturing Condenser Tubes

Pages 606-620
Sami Ibrahim. Al-Rubaie


Preparation of HgI2 Films Using Solvent Evaporation

Pages 2885-2893
Gaafar M. Mousa


Study of Changes in Structural and Electrical Properties of Thin Film After Irradiation It by Laser

Pages 2894-2902
Mohammed A. Mahdi; Shams B. Ali; Farah Samir


Effects of Discharging Sewage of Baghdad To Tigris River on TheWater Quality

Pages 2903-2917
Ibtihaj A. Abdul Razzak; Abbas H. Sulaymon


Study Some of the Structure Properties of ZrO2 Ceramic Coats Prepared by Spray Pyrolysis Method

Pages 2918-2930
Ali H. Ataiwi; Alaa A. Abdul-Hamead


Effect of Molybdate Anions On Corrosion Behavior of Stainless Steel 304 In 0.1M Nacl Solution

Pages 2931-2945
Rana A. Majed


Calculation of MTF For Optical Disk Modulator By Using Fractal Function

Pages 2946-2963
Abdulrazak A. S. Mohammad; Ahamed S. Abdula


Study of Conveniency of Using Stepped Spillway in Roller Compacted Concrete Dams (RCCD)

Pages 2964-2977
Karim K. EL- Jumaily; Mariam Khudair Al- Lami


Approximate Solution of The Linear Programming Problems By Ant System Optimization

Pages 2978-2995
Faiz Faig Showkat; Saad Mohsen Salman; Haithem Saleem Dawood


Studying of Some Mechanical Properties For Polymeric And Other Reinforced Blends Under The Influence of Chemical Solutions

Pages 2996-3011
Balqees M.D. Al-Dabbagh; Zaid Ghanem M. Salih


CFD Modeling and Gas Holdup Measurement in Three-Phase Slurry Bubble Column

Pages 3012-3022
Ali H. Jawad; Raheek I. Ibrahim; Amer A. AbdulRahman


Floating Point Optimization Using VHDL

Pages 3023-3049
Manal Hammadi Jassim


University Admission System using Machine Learning

Pages 3050-3063
Lubna Z. Bashir


Influence of Shot Peening on 70/30 Brass Residual Stresses Using Plasticity Theory

Pages 3064-3075
Hussain J. M. Alalkawi; Qusay Khalid Mohammed; Abbas A. AL Asadi


Simulation of a Power Transformer Differential Protective Relay

Pages 3076-3092
Mohammed S. Abdulraheem; Adel Ridha Othman


Using Fractals in Information Hiding

Pages 3093-3111
Nadia M. Al-Saidie; Thanaa A. Kadhim


Performance of a Plate Fin and Tube Dehumidifying Coil Using Entropy GenerationMethod

Pages 3112-3128
Alaa Ruhma Kazim; Eaman Hassan Muhammed


Comparison between Equilibrium Model and Rate-Based Model for Simulation of Batch Zeotropic Distillation

Pages 3129-3153
Zaidoon M. Shakoor; Salah S. Ibrahim; Neran K. Ibrahim; Nada B. Al-Nakash

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