Study The Reasons for The Increase in The Proportion of Damage in The Dry Clay and The Phenomenon of Effloresce for Pottery Brick

Pages 423-437
Hind Basil. Ali


Study of Design and Implementation Factors That Leads to the Increase of Project Cost Risks During Construction Stage

Pages 438-452
Suad Nasser. Akab


Studies on Gas Hold-Up , Mass Transfer Coefficient,Mixing Time And Circulation Time In Bubble ColumnsWith Draught Tube For Pseudo Plastic (Carboxymethyl) Cellulose And Glycerol Solutions

Pages 2245-2256
Ali Abdul.R.N.Jasim


Combined Effect ofWheel and Thermal Load Conditions on Stress Distribution in Flexible Pavement

Pages 2257-2267
Zainab Ahmed Alkaiss; Suham E. Saleh Al-maliky


Application of a Finite Element Package for Modeling Rotating Machinery Vibrations

Pages 2268-2276
Farouk O. Hamdoon


Analysis Up To Failure Of Straight And Horizontally Curved Composite Precast Beam And Cast-In-Place Slab With Partial Interaction

Pages 2277-2289
Husain M. Husain; Mohammed J. Hamood; Alaa Adnan Hafez


Hydrodynamic Characteristics of a Gas- Liquid –Solid Fluidized Bed Containing a Binary Mixture of Particles

Pages 2290-2307
Amer A. Abdul Rahman; Mohammed F. Abed; Adiba A .Mahmod


Effects of New Additives (Lanolin) on the Electro-Deposition of Copper Powder

Pages 2308-2321
Sami I. Jafar


Development and Strength Properties of PP/PA6/RED Kaoline and PP/PA6/ Bentonite Blends

Pages 2322-2335
Najat J. Saleh


Removal of Lead and Copper Ions onto Granular Activated Carbon in Batch and Fixed Bed A Dsorber

Pages 2336-2351
Abbass H. Sulaymon; Balasim A. Abid; Jenan A. Al Najar


Modeling of Shear Strength in Rectangular Reinforced Concrete Beams

Pages 2352-2366
Hussein A. Azeez


Optimization of Cyclic Oxidation Parameters in Steel-T21 for Aluminization Coating Using Taguchi-ANOVA analysis by MINITAB13

Pages 2367-2384
Abbas Khammas Hussein


Ethanol Bioproduction in Three-Phase Fluidized Bioreactors

Pages 2385-2397
Haiyam Mohammed A. Al-Raheem


Retrofit of Shear Critical R.C. Beams with Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers (CFRP)

Pages 2398-2410
Kaiss F. Sarsam; Amer F. Izzet


Evaluation Study of Alexander And Abramowicz Absorption Energy Models Using Thin Metallic Tubes

Pages 2411-2424
H. J. Mohamd Al-alkawi; Wisam A. bdul-latif; Ayad Aied Mahuof


Optimization of Asphalt Mix Improved by the Addition of Scrap Tires

Pages 2425-2446
Falak O. Abass; Mohammed O. Abass; Raghad O. Abass


A Proposed Algorithm for Reactive Power & Voltage Coordination in Distribution Systems Using Fuzzy Technique

Pages 2447-2464
Afaneen Anwar Al-Khazragy; Aws Habib Mohammed


Design and Implementation of Free Space Simplex Video – Laser Communication system

Pages 2465-2478
Hyder Abdul; Ridha Salih; Labeab O. A. Ghani


Preparation Of Al-12si Foam Using Liquid Technique

Pages 2479-2493
Nawal E. Abdullatef; Adel Mohammad Jaber


Represent Different Types of Sliding Mode Controllers by VHDL

Pages 2494-2516
Yousra Abd Mohammed; Ekhlas H. Karam; Mohammed H. Khudair

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