A Study On The Effect of Using Various Reflectivities of Output Couplers on CW Carbon Dioxide Laser Performance

Pages 333-336


Effect of Super Plasticizer on the Properties of Pre-cast Concrete Flags Reinforced by Steel Fibers and Including Slag

Pages 337-352
Qais J. Frieh; Bassam A. Aljabbar


Rapid Solidification Processing Of Al-3Wt%Mg Alloy

Pages 1102-1109
Talib Khalel Ibrahim; Ali Sabea Humod


Numerical Investigation intoVelocity and Temperature Fields Over Smooth and Rough Ducts for Several Types of Turbulators

Pages 1110-1127
Sabah Tarik Ahmed; Waheed S. Mohammed; Laith J.H


Production of Organosilane by The Direct Reaction of Silicon with Methyl Chloride

Pages 1128-1142
Ihsan B. Hamawand; Fadi Z. Hanna; Moayed G. jalhoom


Calculation of Energy Band gap of Porous Silicon Based On The Carrier Transport Mechanisms

Pages 1143-1148
Alwan M.Alwan


A Study On the Structure and Electrical Properties of Pbo.9Sn0.1Se/Si Heterojunction

Pages 1149-1153
Alwan M. Alwan


The Biological Effects of Low Level Laser Therapy with Static Magnetic Field on Acute and Chronic Pain

Pages 1154-1161
Aseel A. Al-sharify


A Content-Based Authentication Using Digital Speech Data

Pages 1162-1170
Hanaa M. Salman


The Effect of Annealing Temperatures on Optical and Electrical Properties of PbTe Thin Films

Pages 1171-1183
Akram N . Al-Mashhadany; Noor S. Sadeq


Surface Preparation of Aluminum for Plating by Zincating

Pages 1184-1193
Mohammed Hliyil Hafiz; Baha Sami Mahdi

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