Balance of Vaginal System

Pages 1-21
Zahra M. Al-Khafaji; Khairiya Jaber


Determination the Susceptibility of Bulinus truncatus to the Leaves and Steam Crude Aqueous Solution of Citrus aurantium L.

Pages 22-29
Kamil M.Al-Jobori; Shihab Ahmed Salman


Genetical Effect of Flavonoids Extracted from the Leaves of Camellia sinensis on Mice

Pages 30-35
Amina S. Jalal


Effect of Olive Oil Extract on some Biochemical Parameters in Alloxan Induced Diabetic Mice

Pages 36-43
Dalia A. Hamodi; Sanaa J. Kahdum; Amina N. Al-Thwani


Detection of Exo A and OPR I Genes in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Using Polymerase Chain Reaction

Pages 44-50
Sana; a N. Hussein


Apoptotic Features in Normal Rabbit’s Adenohypophysis Cells (Electron Microscopic and Quantitative Study)

Pages 51-57
Daad A. Hussein; Kawkab S. Nejim; Hussein A. M. Dauod


Effect of camellia sinensis Methanol extract on Human Lymphocytes in Vitro

Pages 58-67
Moyassar Basil Hadi Al-Shaibani


Purification of Exotoxin A from Locally Isolate of

Pages 68-76
Maha F. Majeed; Subhi J. Hamza; Sara K. Nafea


Alternative Chemical Treatments of Raw Water for Production the Drinking Water in Baghdad City

Pages 77-90
Ali Shihab Ahmed


Biotreatment of Al-Yarmook Hospital Wastewater Using Packed Bed Bioreactor

Pages 91-100
Mohammed B. Abdul Kareem


Proposed Method to Determine the Possible Infection Dates with Visceral Leishmaniasis (Ka) in Central Iraq

Pages 101-105
Shihab Ahmed Salman


The Ability of Rapeseed (brassica napus l.) Seeds Oil in Inhibiting Cell Line Growth in Vitro.

Pages 106-113
Rakad M. Kh. Al-Jumaily; Laith .M.J. Al-Shamma; Mohammed M. F. Al-Halbosiy

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