Assessing Close Range Photogrammetric Approach to Evaluate Pavement Surface Condition

Pages 1-14
Saad Issa Sarsam; Afrah Mekki Daham; Amal Mahdi Ali


Some Durability Test of No-Fine Concrete

Pages 15-30
Shakir Ahmed Salih; Tuqa Alaa Fidel


Some Properties of Polymer Modified Self-Compacting Concrete Exposed to Kerosene and Gas Oil

Pages 31-48
Nada Mahdi Fawzi; Aqeel Kareem Weli


Studying the Combination Effect of Additives and Micro Steel Fibers on Cracks of Self-Healing Concrete

Pages 49-67
Muhannad Hussien Muhsin; Israa Hameed AbdElzahra


Zirconium Sulfate as Catalyst for Biodiesel Production by Using Reactive Distillation

Pages 68-82
Marwa Faeq Abdul Jabbar; Wadood Taher Mohammed


Mobile Position Estimation using Artificial Neural Network in CDMA Cellular Systems

Pages 83-102
Omar Waleed Abdulwahhab; Sally Antoin Jergees


Enhanced Chain-Cluster Based Mixed Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks

Pages 103-117
Husam Kareem Farhan


A Mathematical Model of a Thermally Activated Roof (TAR) Cooling System Using a Simplified RC-Thermal Model with Time Dependent Supply Water Temperature.

Pages 118-139
Khalid Ahmed Joudi; Kamal Mohammed Ali


Thermal Characteristics of Closed Wet Cooling Tower Using Different Heat Exchanger Tubes Arrangement

Pages 140-158
Qasim Saleh Mahdi; Hayder Mohammed Jaffal


The Effective of Pressure and Sintering Temperature for Hardness Characteristics of Shape Memory Alloy by Using Taguchi Technique

Pages 159-171
Ahmed Abdulrusool; Sarah Jalal Mosa


Improve the Performance of PID Controller by Two Algorithms for Controlling the DC Servo Motor

Pages 172-183
Noor Safaa Abdul-Jaleel


Application of SWAT Model for Sediment Loads from Valleys Transmitted to Haditha Reservoir

Pages 184-197
Ayad Sleibi Mustafa; Sadeq Oleiwi Sulaiman; Omar Manfi Hussein


Theoretical and Experimental Stress Analysis of Cam With Simple Harmonic Motion

Pages 198-214
Aveen Ahmed Abdulkareem


Semantic Similarity Assessment of Volunteered Geographic Information

Pages 215-229
Maythm al-Bakri

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