The psychological state of the students during the status of the problem in the share of physical education and sports

Pages 1-15


The effectiveness of using generative learning strategy to develop my skills rolling and scoring students football halls

Pages 16-26


Electronic marketing as input for the development of marketing information systems in sports institutions Algerian

Pages 27-41


The effect of physical exercises skill associated with the three-dimensional imaging Alfdaoa in some biomechanical variables and precision skill correction of jumping high hand ball

Pages 42-52
Faten Ismail Mohammed


The Effect Of Special Practices In Developing The Explosive Power Of The Upper And Lower Limbs And The Accuracy Of the Spiking Skill among the Volleyball Young Players

Pages 53-63


The Effect Of An Instructional Approach In Accordance To The Strategy of Data Processing To People Having A Neural Linguistic Processing In Learning The Skill Of An Opposing Sending From Above

Pages 64-84
Asst. Prof. Dr. Basmah Naeem Muhsin; Aya Talib Dhyiab Al-Timimi


The Effect of Guided Discovery and Learning Objectives Approaches in Learning Basic Skills in Basketball

Pages 85-103


The Scope of Optical Vision and its Relation to Frontal Shot Accuracy in Wheelchair moving Tennis

Pages 104-119


The Effect of Hierarchical Training Periodical Load with of Ascending and Descending Intensity on Developing the Tolerance of Strength Distinguished with Quickness for Young Handball Players

Pages 120-132
Inst. Hussam Mohammed Hedan; PhD


The Impact of Playing Style on the Improvement of Kinetic Response and Some Basic Skills among Female Students in the Department of Futsal

Pages 133-143
Adil Abbas Dhiyab


The Relationship of the Neuro-Muscular Accord with Pass and Shoot Accuracy for Young Handball Players

Pages 144-154
Nazar Nadhim Hameed


An Analytic study to Evaluate Psychological Fatigue and its Relation to the Level of Iraqi Premiere Basketball League Referees in the 2013-2014 Season

Pages 155-164
Instr. Odai Abdulhusein; Ph.D


The effect of physical effort for football on some kidney outputs players Diwaniyah club football season 2015-2016

Pages 165-173
M.Dr. Nawar Abdullah al-Lami


The Role of Management Information Systems in Managing Employees Performance at Colleges of Physical Education and Sciences of Sport

Pages 174-190
Assist. Inst. Ibrahim Fasil Khalaf

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