Synthesis of Pro Drug Polyester and Control Release

Pages 1-6
Abeer Abd Alrazaak M


Using Statistical Analysis Approach to Evaluate the Groundwater Quality in Jisser Diyala Area

Pages 7-16
Kamal B. Nada; Tariq A. Hussian; Ahmad A. Ramadhan


Flow Injection Spectrophotometric Determination of Baclofen in Pharmaceutical Formulation Using Prussian Blue Reaction

Pages 17-24
Ghadah Fadhil


An Overview on Lignocellulosic Fibers Ienforced Polymer Composite Materials

Pages 25-31
Amamer Redwan; Khairiah Haji Badri; Azizah Baharum


Adsorption Removal of Rhodamine-B Dye from Aqueous Solution Using Rhamnus Stone as Low Cost Adsorbent

Pages 32-41
Khudhair. A. Al-Rudaini


Preparation of Cetane Improver for Diesel Fuel and Study It's Performance

Pages 42-50
Muna Mahmood Khudhair; Sajeda Abbas Husain Shafaa Mahdi Salih; Shafaa Mahdi Salih; Zahraa Mahmed Jassim


Preparing Light Weight Concrete with Reinforced Fibers

Pages 51-57
Rami Joseph Aghajan Sldozian


Antibacterial Activity of Boehmite Nanoparticles Synthesized by Arc Discharge in Deionized Water Technique

Pages 58-65
Halah H. Rashed


Anti-Corrosion Activity of Ephedrine on Mild Steel in Acidic Medium

Pages 66-69
Shaimaa Basim Khalaf Al-Baghdadi


ZnO Nano Particles (NPs) Properties Prepared by Liquid Phase Laser Ablation (LPLA)

Pages 70-77
Khaleel I. Hassoon; Sabah H. Sabeeh; Mustafa A. Khalaf


Studying the Effect of MgO Addition on the Thermal and Electrical Properties for Iraqi Porcelain

Pages 78-86
Duraid Fawzi Mahdi


Study of DC Breakdown Voltage in Low Pressure Argon and Nitrogen Gases for Several Electrode Gap

Pages 87-90
Waleed Ibrahim Yaseen


Detection of Trace Explosive Materials by Standoff Raman Spectroscopy System

Pages 91-98
Haider G. Abdulzahraa; Naseer M. Hadi; Mohammad R. Mohammad


Detoxification of inorganic contaminants in transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana

Pages 99-107
Raghad Mohammed; Kadhim Ibrahim; Norrya Ali; Antonious Al-Daoude


The Effect of Fish Oil and Omega-3 Fatty Acid on Some Physiological and Biochemical Criteria in Male Rabbits

Pages 108-113
Israa Seger Salman


Cytological Effects of Mutagenic Agents and NaCl on Mitotic Division in Two Iraqi Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Genotypes

Pages 114-119
Rasha K. Mohammed; Kadhim M. Ibrahim


Increasing Cellulose Production from Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. viciae

Pages 120-125
Suaad Ali Ahmed; Alaa Raheem Kazim; Hussam Mahmood Hassan


In Silico and in Vitro Evaluation of Real Time PCR Assay for Detection of Staphylococcus aureus

Pages 126-131
Al-Shaimaa Muhammed Saeed Al-Rawi; Abdul Kareem A. Al-Kazaz; Majeed Arsheed Sabbah; Mohammed Mahdi Al-Zubaidi


Analysis of Robotic Vision by Using Image Processing Trying to Find the Shortest Path to Goal Using Voronoi Diagram

Pages 132-138
Amani Y. Noori; Suhad F. Majeed


New Address Shift Linear Feedback Shift Register Generator

Pages 139-145
Kholood J. Moulood

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