Modified Method for Chemical Extraction of Palynomorphs from Petroleum Source Rocks

Pages 1-6
Abbas H. Al-Shukry; Wedad H. Al-Dahhan


Identification of Dandelion Taraxacum officinale Leaves Components and Study Its Extracts Effect on Different Microorganisms

Pages 7-14
Omar Mohammed Noori; Safanah Ahmed Farhan; Abdul Kadir M. N. Jassim


The Association between Adiponectin, Insulin and Troponin I in Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction

Pages 15-22
Ammal Esmaeel Ibrahim; Hadef Dhafer El-Yassin; Hamid Kareem Sachit Al-Janabi


Synthesis and Characterization of some Mixed–Ligand Complexes Containing Salicylic Acid and Pyridine with some Metal Ions

Pages 23-29
Sana H. Awad


Synthesis, Spectral Study and Biological Activity of Some Metal Ions Complexes with Bidentate Ligands

Pages 30-42
Shaimaa Rhajab Bakir


Separation of Azoxybenzenes and Some Derivatives by High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Pages 43-48
Hadi Hessen Jasim; Suha K. Al-Zahawi; Dhulfiqar Ali Abed


Synthesis of Some Schiff's Bases Containing 1,3,4-Thiadiazole Ring and Their Properties as Antioxidants

Pages 49-54
Kahlan M. Abbas Al-Shammary


Synthesis and Charac terization of New Complexes of (N-4-Methoxy Phenyl) Amino Phenyl Acetonitrile Ligand with Some Divalent Transition Metal Ions

Pages 55-61
Mohammed H. A. Al-Amery


Separation & Identification of Organic Compounds in Lubricating Oil Additives Using TLC & GC-MS

Pages 62-68
Hussein I. Khalaf; Mohammed J. Mohammed Hassan; Omer A. Hassan


Physico-Chemical Study of Tetrabutylammonium Bromide Solutions in Methanol and Ethanol at Different Temperatures

Pages 69-74
Hawazin A. Abbas; Amar H. Al-Dujaili; Mohammad J. Abdul-Ghani


Effect of Diabetes mellitus Type 2 on Pituitary Gland Hormones (FSH, LH) in Men and Women in Iraq

Pages 75-79
Jawad Al-Qaisi; Zyad Hussein


Preparation, Comparison and Characterization of Dual Drug (Promethazine& Oxymetazoline) Selective Electrode

Pages 80-87
Mutaz A. Ali


Spectrophotometric Determination of Ascorbic Acid in Aqueous Solutions

Pages 88-94
Dhuha Hashem Fadhel


Determination of Atomic Number Exponent for Elemental Absorber at Am– 241 Energy in X–Ray Attenuation Experiments

Pages 95-100
Laith Ahmed Najim; Sabeeh Karyakos Shamoon; Shiama Talal Atalah


Color image with Dim regions Enhancement Using Modified Histogram Equalization Algorithm

Pages 101-111
Hana H. Kareem


Effect of Different Coating Techniques with Aluminum on the Corrosion Behavior of Stainless Steel 316L in Seawater

Pages 112-122
Ali H. Ataiwi; Abdul Khaliq F. Hamood; Rana A. Majed


Importance of P-Wave Indices in a Sample of Iraqi Type 2 Diabetic Patients

Pages 123-128
Tawfeeq F. R. Al-Auqbi; Mawada Mousa Funjan; Isam N. S. Al-Karawi


The Effects of Vinpocetine on the Psychomotor Performances: Randomized clinical trial, single blind random clinical study

Pages 129-133
Ali I.Algareeb; Salahalduin Al-Windy; Hayder Al-Kuraishy


Interactions of Black and Green Tea Water Extracts with Antibiotics Activity in Local Urinary Isolated Escherichia coli

Pages 134-142
Dimah N. Passat


Level of Reproductive Hormones in Men and Women after Successful Kidney Transplantation

Pages 143-150
Makarim Q. Al-Lami


Extraction and Purification of Terpenes from Nutmeg (myristica fragrans)

Pages 151-160
Essam F. Al-Jumaily; Maytham H. A. Al-Amiry


Effect of Green Tea Aqueous Extract on Body Weight, Glucose Level, and Kidney Functions in Diabetic Male Albino Rats

Pages 161-166
Jabber H.Yenzeel Al-Hilfy


Using Dummy Variables in Improving the Simple Linear Regression Model for the Ratio of Consumption to the National Income in Iraq during the Period (1970-1994)

Pages 167-172
Fedaa N. Abdulahad


Approximation of Functions by Some Types of Szasz-mirakjan Operators

Pages 173-179
Sahib Al-Saidy; Salim Dawood


The Homotopy Perturbation Method for Solving Some Types of Nonlocal Problems with Some Real Life Applications

Pages 179-189
Ahlam J. Khaleel


A Random Key Generation Approach for Rijndael Algorithm

Pages 190-195
Dalal Naeem Hmood


Blocks - Based Data Hiding Approach for Electronic Cheque Authentication

Pages 196-202
Hiba Z. Zeydan


Gsm Encryption Algorithm Emulation Using Neuro-Identifire

Pages 203-210
Mahmood Khalel Ibrahem Al Ubaidy

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