Delignification of Date Palm Fronds using Modified Organosolv Technique

Pages 1-9
Alaa Kareem Mohammed; Asem Hassan Mohammed; Yasmeen Salih Mahdi


Numerical Investigations on Heat Flow of Nanofluids in Ribs Tube Configurations

Pages 10-17
Ramzi Ata Abd Alsaheb; Sami D. Salman


Anaerobic Digestion and Codigestion of Chlorella Vulgaris Microalgae Biomass with Wastewater Sludge and Dairy Manure for Biogas Production

Pages 18-26
Saad H. Ammar; Sadiq Riyadh Khodhair


Robot Arm Path Planning Using Modified Particle Swarm Optimization based on D* algorithm

Pages 27-37
Ahmed T. Sadiq; Firas A. Raheem; Noor Alhuda F. Abbas


Implementation of Transmitter Zigbee System based on Wireless Sensor Network of IEEE 802.15.4 Standard

Pages 38-45
Russul H. Hadi; Ekhlas K. Hamza


Programming a Pneumatic Processes Sequence based on PLC by Demonstration

Pages 46-54
Amer Al-Mesaody


Performance Comparison of Different Advanced Control Schemes for Glucose Level Control under Disturbing Meal

Pages 55-63
Bashar Fateh Midhat; Amjad Jaleel Humaidi


A Cognitive Hybrid Tuning Control Algorithm Design for Nonlinear Path-Tracking Controller for Wheeled Mobile Robot

Pages 64-73
Ahmed S. Al-Araji; Noor Q. Yousif


Modeling of Monocrystalline PV Cell Considering Ambient Conditions in Baghdad City

Pages 74-82
Mohammed E. Abd Al-Wahed; Osamah F. Abdullateef


Thermal Conductivity Enhancement of Iraqi Origin Paraffin Wax by Nano-Alumina

Pages 83-90
Miqdam T. Chaichan; Rasha Mohammed Hussein; Aida Mohammed Jawad


Influence of Nanoreinforced Particles (Al2O3) on Fatigue Life and Strength of Aluminium Based Metal Matrix Composite

Pages 91-98
Alalkawi Hussain J. M. alalkawi; yahoo.com; Aseel A. Hamdany; Abbas Ahmed Alasadi


Study the Effect of Multilayer Single Point Incremental Forming on Residual Stresses for Bottom Plates

Pages 99-107
Aseel Hamad Abed; Aqeel Sabree Bedan; Mohanad Faeq Noori


Enhancing the Compressive Strength and Density of Cement Mortar by the Addition of Different Alignments of Glass Fibers and Styrene Butadiene Rubber

Pages 108-119
Besma M. Fahad; Mustafa M. Hamza


Travel Time Prediction Models and Reliability Indices for Palestine Urban Road in Baghdad City

Pages 120-130
Zainab Ahmed Al-Kaissi


Recovery of Platinum and Palladium from Scrap Automotive Catalytic Converters

Pages 131-141
Mohammed Qasim Hammadi; Rabiha Saleh Yassen; Kadhim Noori Abid

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